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  1. I would suggest you will see better load times but not better performance from the SSD. That has been my experience.

    Beyond that, it may be time for an upgrade or you'll need to decrease your "clutter/Grass", "Chimney Smoke", "Terrain Textures", etc. I'd remove Heat Blur all together. A number of those items are great when you takeoff or land but do nothing for you at 20k ft. Of course thats if your a jet guy. Props I understand the desire for it, but there are still realities to your systems abilities.

  2. What actual frame rate. I've mostly settled on 45 is about all she's gonna give I use moderately high settings, but still even with really low settings I don't hit 90. I'd love to see 90 in DCS like I do in everything else, but I don't.


    I'm curious as well. There's no way I'm getting 90fps with my rig.

  3. I can't bind my Aft(Flare) Dispense Switch to my throttle JOY_BTN10 or my Forward(Chaff) Dispense Switch to my throttle JOY_BTN12 either.


    Is there a default profile that is getting in the way?


    Gladman: No joy on throttle function after trying your suggested procedure. Any other thoughts?


    When you go into Windows Devices do all the buttons and axis work there? And silly question, but you do have 2 USB cables plugged in for the throttle and button board right? ONe for the throttle and on for the button board?

  4. I can AAR easily enough and it is a skill that gives back, however, I voted yes because as long as it can be turned off at the server level, it might just allow more people to enjoy the game. More people equals more revenue for ED, which in turn bring more content for me.

  5. Who would've known that so many would feel threatened by an option of easier refueling for those who need/want it...






    ... and if you're not threatened by it, why oppose it so strongly?


    Keyboard warrior syndrome man.

  6. I own a Pimax 5K. I've never had an issue with the headset itself. The cable that came with mine is another story. I have the snow issue. The problem I have is that I waited to long to ask for a new one and they want 70 dollars US for it. Now after telling them I thought that was "ahem" a little much, they did come down to 40 US. Not bad.

    The software has improved over time and most of their responses are within a few days. A person has to of course keep in mind that they are on the opposite side of the planet so good enough.

    The whole thing for me is FOV. I want a Reverb G2 for the clarity because I don't think the 8K will have it, but dam that 200 degrees of awesomeness that Pimax offers is a bugger to give up.

  7. I really enjoyed the TrackIR when I got it, to be honest it was a leap forward for me. However, since I've been using VR, I'd never go back.


    I find the natural feel of VR to be the deal breaker vs the "look out of the corner of your eye" issues that TrackIR puts you in. Even with a triple monitor setup, I found that an immersion breaker. Looking behind is also something that VR does very very well and TrackIR can't come close to that.

  8. I use RSMapper for everything. It really depends on what you want for functionality. You can do a lot more the RSMapper than you can with Simapppro. Not to mention, you have access to the creater of RSM right here on this forum. Can't ask for better than that.

  9. You're not gonna get far in this sort of thing without practice/reading/etc just a fact. AAR is a lot less complicated and faster to learn than the avionics and weapon systems in most this stuff. You can't be bothered to learn how to do something that takes literally five minutes to accomplish? All AAR is is formation flying. That's literally it. Follow another aircraft while maintaining your position. It's flight 101.


    Ability to peform AAR is also very dependent on your joystick/HOTAS. I remember attempting this with my X-55 and then switch to my TM Warthog setup. The difference was night and day. Its impossible to know the curves/dead zones/etc of each and every setup.


    Yes it does require patience and time, however the reality of hardware is certainly a huge factor.

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