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  1. Everything has multiple lines (looks blurred), making them harder to see. Especially against the ground. That may be a very rudimentary interpretation but its what it appears to be to me.
  2. Labels are rarely used that is for sure. Until the implementation of ASW it wasn't necessary. For A2G it still is not needed although it is more challenging but wil A2A its at a point right now that yes it can be done but you do loose the fun portion given the struggle. I would not be surprised if more and more squads are using labels for AA combat at this point. Once ASW and DCS co-exist on a cooperative plain, it will revert. I personally hadn't flown with labels on for several years.
  3. Keep in mind that not all of us fly MP as you do. There are those of us that fly as squadrons to complete missions that may or may not include AI A2A threats. You see, for a lot of us DCS is about co-operative play and for those purposes labels work just fine in VR for MP sessions. To be honest I have been flying with DCS squadrons for a number of years now and have been on servers that are everyone for themselves or random people on either side only a handful of times. All my other rather extensive time has been spent on private MP servers working as a group to achieve goals and I've loved every minute of it.
  4. LMAO, personally, I'd leave the cities and defend dam near anything else.
  5. Its really nice to see this project and your company coming along. Its a positive step for DCS.
  6. My question now is what squadron will get them. Will they bring back a retired squad such as the 416 or 441? Will they transition them through the 410 or send people states side to be qualified? No matter what, I'm very excited to see something (anything) happen for our air force.
  7. Personally I see no reason to look at other competitors. The SH does everything we need to fulfill our allied requirements and I don't care what you buy we cannot defend a country this big with 50-100 of anything in production or on the drawing board.
  8. Yeah baby. http://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/fighter-jet-purchase-announcement-1.3862210
  9. I personally don't find it harder or hard to see in VR. To be frank, I think its easier because I'm more aware of where I am and what the aircraft is doing based on where I'm looking. Labels do help with spotting, especially with the rift update for AWS (or whatever its called) causing more blurring than before. Theres a .lua out there that takes away the big names and just puts a period or whatever in place. Its a lot less like cheating and a lot more like reality in my opinion. I fly both with and without labels. If I just wanna have fun, labels on (the period thing) and if I want to test my fate, labels off.
  10. I wouldn't think so. DCS needs the resources, not Windows. The SSD helps primarily with load times so I'd suggest taking advantage of that. If you were to see a hit from the OS running on the SATA I'd really really be surprised.
  11. You must still have the old HDD if you did an upgrade. Put your OS on the old HDD and put DCS on the SSD. Re-installing windows isn't that big a deal and if you can't afford a new drive, its probably your best/only option.
  12. You guys are just a downer man. I'm taking my ball and going home. :pilotfly:
  13. I do actually realize that but to be honest, my scenario would be more fun. :)
  14. SEAD in a Foxbat would be fun man. Especially if you were coming in low level at insane speeds, manipulating the instruments to get a lock, fire, and haul arse with a SAM or two on your six. lol, yeah I'd do that.
  15. I was always intrigued by the Foxbat but I have no real education on the variants so I didn't vote. I would buy it, probably wouldn't fly it much, but it would be a good addition to the hanger.
  16. Yep, I'd have my wife buying gift certificates so fast your head would spin.
  17. I seem to be having an issue with CPU usage. I'm hitting the low 40%'s on a regular basis. Anybody know how to fix it?
  18. Yeah I know. But I assume it would be up to the individual companies to compensate for it. As I said, I'm sure ED will fix it in time.
  19. It certainly is much harder to read everything in the pit. I'm kinda disappointed to be honest. Ah well, I'm sure ED will figure it out in time, its not like it'll stop me from flying.
  20. See attached logs. Single player working no issue. JSGME mods removed and repair done. Yes I forgot to take them out before I updated. Didn't seem to matter. I'm also getting crashed on startup of DCS 1.5. It gets to the loading screen and when its about 75% it crashes to desktop. I was able to connect a couple times to MP servers today. Very odd. Nov 12 Crash.zip
  21. Gladman

    Air refueling

    Um, I..... Er... Hey Sage shut off the FBW, it'll be easier to tank!!!
  22. Gladman

    Air refueling

    I started turning off the FBW Gain switch. Its the one to the left of the AA/AG(Charges) switch under the landing gear handle. It has a red cover on it. Take a look at Charlies guide, its on page 113. I know the books say the Mirage will go nuts and become unflyable but in reality (at this time), it makes the aircraft much more responsive to input required for refueling in my opinion. Never had any issue at all once I employed this method other than having to spend time on it. I have been trying to get it working for me in the "normal" mode but it is much more challenging. Unnecessarily so I would think.
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