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  1. You won't gain any substantial perfromance buying a 10900. Its all about clock speed. You can save a few bucks buying a 9900K and overclock. Air cooling has improved greatly if your not into water.

    There were improvements in the 9900 that makes it a solid chip. I use mine for cad as well as some editing so it made sense for me. As a dedicated DCS machine, I did see improvement over my 4790K of course, but not as much as you might think. A SSD is far more important than the latest chip for load times. If you can get high Ghz RAM, it'll help with high load missions.

  2. I had a look at the stuff there, frustratingly, plenty of panels, but not the switches and handles to go with them!!!


    The vast majority of buttons and switches are listed on the same page as the panel. There are specialized ones that they don't have such as the jettison stores however 90% of what you need is there. It will of course require some time on your end to put it all together.

  3. The reason you don't hear much from customers about the product is because we're busy flying. Its awesome, works very well and has more than enough buttons to keep anyone happy. I sold my TM and Virpil stuff after I got the Winwing.

  4. I'd like to do it through DCS if possible so im not running another program in the background. Thanks for the suggestion though. If i cant get it to work i guess that will be what I have to do.


    I certainly understand what you are trying to do. Keep in mind that with my testing I saw no change, 0 FPS loss using RSMapper. It also auto loads so there is no hassle with it.


    Best of luck with the programming, it does represent an interesting challenge.

  5. I don’t think there is any magic bullet for VR performance though. Bottom line is it will always be more demanding to run higher frame rates in 3D vs lower rates in 2D. And any extra performance overhead created by Vulkan or whatever, will get eaten up by increases in game graphics, objects etc. Games are constantly evolving to be more and more demanding. DCS has never sat still in this regard so why would that happen now? VR will always lag 2D in performance.


    Sure VR will always lag 2D, however, if ED decided to implement SLI which is from what I understand one of the many tools it offers, we could see at minimum, an ability to sustain higher frame rates.

  6. It may be viable for single player however it would be a tough one for online groups. When you consider what the cost is to an individual starting out in this hobby and then add the required modules for terrain/aircraft/carriers, yet another paid module can make or break it in some cases.

  7. I use a PowerShell script along with some helper command-line utilities. It sets my GPU overclocks, power profile, default audio capture devices, starts TrackIR, SimShaker, VA. Then it fires up DCS and waits for it to close. Once DCS is closed, it closes all the relevant apps. I can post it somewhere if anyone is interested.


    I would very happily take a copy of that. I seriously started looking at doing this myself last week and your file could take a lot of the foot work out of it for me.

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