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  1. Gents for the life of me I can't get Launch Bar Extend to work. Retract is fine. I'm using a On/Off 2 position switch. I do have the exact same situation working for the ldg/taxi light switch and I have a on/off/on switch for flaps functional as well. It is functional and working as the others are in RS Mapper but will not work in DCS. Extend is on the off position (RL). Retract in the SP and LP just won't do it. Using leo bodnar bbi-32 Is anyone else having this issue or know of why it wouldn't work on that one command?
  2. How do you want to play your game? I personally don't care how you do it. If you play on a server, sure have it as an option to allow or not. I won't tell you how to play your game, you don't tell me how to play mine.
  3. I went 9900 but I do other things that need multi-thread. If not, I'd go 9700
  4. I dont know much about the Tornado but I'd buy it day 1 for sure.
  5. CF-18's have them also. But the modeled version wouldn't.
  6. Doesn't the 8K simply super sample? So a 5K+ with a PD turned up would be the same thing I thought. Don't know for sure.
  7. I've had Crosswinds for a couple years. Never bought any of the additional stuff and I'll never need it. As is, they are an absolutely excellent set of pedals.
  8. With Ed stating a 50% increase in VR performance it will be a wide open topic. Pimax with the FOV is incredible and will really benefit from the ED programming update. The O+ is a great headset but its hard to get used too. The next gen Rift is on its way. I agree with the previous poster, its a wait game for a couple months.
  9. My experience is the same as FragBum. In VR you need it, perhaps not in 2D.
  10. MSAA is high as you can run it
  11. Last time I installed it there were artifacts around the edges of my rift. Beyond annoying. Is that fixed in the latest version?
  12. You need to enable MSAA to get rid of the aliasing.
  13. In time I'd like a SH but there's other aircraft that differ significantly from the C Hornet that I'd much rather see first.
  14. Yeah, Id imagine your right on FPS. I did notice the image was sharper in VR but thats probably due to the higher settings the 2080Ti allowed. MSAAx4 is huge. I always skip one gen. Bought the 1080, didn't buy the 1080TI, then of course they changed the pattern and released the 2080Ti day 1. Probably won't get next years model.
  15. Oh yeah it is. I came from a founders edition 1080 to the 2080Ti and DAAAAAAAAAM.
  16. I have no idea why anybody would go the trainer route. I agree with your wife.
  17. I hate to say this but I'm willing to bet we see more and more civilian aircraft coming to DCS. There is no denying the income it produces.
  18. Yeah Firecat, I think we all appreciate your time on this. Thank you.
  19. Dude!!! Hornet 3.0 was probably the most intense experience I ever had in flight sims. I remember it was the first to actually have weapons release. Then came Hornet Korea with color and everything. lol. Great times. Had my own squadron back then. Started a ladder system for other squads. It was awesome.
  20. Not sure what this whole PM thing is about. Never got one but whatever, I'm paying attention to the thread, I see I'm listed as a release candidate, so I'm good. Please let me know if more is required.
  21. I run 4X MSAA. Not that you need 4X but without MSAA its a mess. I am however running a 2080TI.
  22. Try disabling the lighthouse tracking in PiTools to get rid of blue screens if you have them. Then run room setup. To get the trackers to work you need to have steam vr and the headset needs to bet about 2 meters from the lighthouse.
  23. Yes but the various manufacturers of headsets need to make it compatible first of course.
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