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  1. Just in case somebody also has a low frame rate issue with TacView, I got it solved. The reason was that TacView was using my laptops on board graphics card instead of the GTX860M, now that I´ve told TacView to use the GTX I´m getting closer to 65fps.
  2. I´ve tried the other older versions, to no avail. Also the problem persists with the 32 and 64bit version of Tacview. I´ve sent support an e-mail with dxdiag files attached. Lets see whether they find smth.
  3. Hello there, yesterday I installed Tacview 1.5.2. Recording and watching flights from DCS is no problem. But for some reason it is quite laggy, with frame rates down to 10, not "smooth" 10fps, but with stuttering. It also seems to slow down all the other open applications, like drop down menus open really slow, as well as in Tacview as in the other open applications. Changing object sizes, tags, trail length or even the world textures to none and flat didn´t change anything. Neither did changing the compatibility mode to Windows 7 (my current OS). So far I haven´t found anything low fra
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