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  1. When there are multiple Super Carriers in a mission, jumping to the LSO platform resulted in appearing on the wrong ship. Both myself and another player were on the Roosevelt, but when we jumped to the LSO platform we found ourselves on the Washington.
  2. Make sure your radiators are open when you see the gauge rising. Also, do not let your airspeed drop too much or the reduced airflow through the radiator will mean they are ineffective.
  3. Isn't that just called a broomstick?
  4. I do get that, but you have to ask yourself if it is a priority, or just a very very insignificant problem in the big picture that is DCS World. Aren’t there bigger fish to fry?
  5. Historically, the Super Carrier module was chalked in as part of the Hornet package. This was later changed because it became a much bigger project with additional features incorporated, so ED changed it to a stand alone module, and compensated Hornet purchasers with a substantial discount when purchasing the Super Carrier. Clearly the marketing info hasn't been updated to reflect that change, which is a problem.
  6. The easy fix for this is not to move before you align. Why would you screw up an alignment deliberately? Yes, you have a point, it is not what one would expect, but looking for issues like this will just stop the correction of more important issues if it is addressed. It should be noted, but sent to the bottom of the list I would suggest. In a couple of words, “so what?”
  7. The point being, if you have 2 separate roles, why need stores options if you select an airframe based on role? Should we get a Super Hornet, of course, it's a different animal entirely.
  8. Why is it an issue when you can choose one or the other anyway? It might be a different approach, but it does keep it simple for mission writing. Or do you expect the AWACS guys to double up and do both tasks in the same mission? I don't expect they ever do that in reality do they?
  9. The solution, we discovered through the error log is that DCS needs to be run in admin mode. Once we did that, it worked perfectly.
  10. Installing SLMod onto a server running 3 separate virtual servers, and we get a error message as follows: {string "slmod sendData0"]:1: attempt to index global "slmod" (is a nil value) stack trackback: [C]:? string "slmod.sendData)"]:1: in main chunk Do you know how we fix it?
  11. Take a look at RAF Air UK. We have a number of squadrons flying different airframes and have a good number of highly experienced ex servicemen pilots who give us excellent insight into real world tactics and training. You can find us at rafairuk-dcs.co.uk we are a friendly relaxed bunch too. Neil
  12. What has this to do with the radar locking out of arc? I suggest you might have a mapping issue in answer to your question, but hijacking a thread instead of starting a specific one is really not a good move.
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