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  1. Did something funny today, thought I'd share: G-force got you stuck in your seat? We got the solution! Coming in nice and low over the runway, pull up into a Cobra and pull the 2 yellow handles convieniently loacted in the cockpit. Watch the plane flare smoothly... ...Tad over the wires, but no matter. Always wanted to be James Bond, and now you can! For best results remove cigerrate and/or vodka bottle. Your results in negative G may vary. No more hassle getting your butt unstuck! 'O shit... Don't slip... He slipped. That's gonna hurt i
  2. Any place where you can learn how to take out ships using the -33? It's been my favorite plane in Lomac for a while, and landing on carriers [With the flaps up- Flaps are for sissies] and hitting ships with 2 well-aimed point-blank S-25's is fun. The main thing is, I don't know how to use the cruise thing you can put on the middle front pylon. This little diamond comes up on one of the ships, and it doesn't lock or anything, so I do LA override, and it does a bueatiful 180 degree turn and ends up in the water exactly where the ship isn't. Rather fun to watch, and makes my plane a whole lot lig
  3. Big burners... Big big burners... How much thrust those things give? :lol: I believe in modern fighters a good percentage of the lift is produced my the fuselage, so it couldn't be the same as a cessna. Also mich faster and more dart-like, IMO it would feel like it would be easier to land without a wing. Still not easy though.
  4. Nice... Thanks. Now Two isn't lonley anymore. @Chris: It's funny how you can set down really soft on the dirt and still turn into a fireball... First flight in an A-10, shrika got one of my engines. Thought, "What the heck, no need to eject, Ill ust set it down on this chap's farm" Big bang. =p
  5. Just wondering, how do you edit wingman loadout, skill, ect., and even if you have a wingman? I can't find where this info is anywhere.
  6. OMG there's a launch override? Wow... Can't believe I never saw that before. What section is it in? Hah! IN YOUR FACE sleeping people with miks...:thumbup:
  7. I was wondering what's up with the LA thing. Sometimes I get it right after lock-on, others I use a missile with a range of 50+ km and don't get LA till around 10. At first I thought "LA" accualy meant someone in the control room was telling you when to launch, but after a while I realized it was mroe than snoozing people with mics. Still couldn't figure it out, and forgot about it until I read this, taken from Wiki: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Air-to-air_missile Scroll untill you hit "missile range". Very intresting read for me. :joystick:
  8. Also, the tips stall AFTER the center of the wing, meaning you still have control even in a stall.
  9. Lol I had the same problem just a few days back You need to set something to "release weapon". There are 2 different controls on american jets, one for missile/weapons and another for gunz.
  10. Thanks for impossibly fast reply. Can you set it up to be anything other than enter (what is control name in options?) Meh, useless American silicon fighters, now they want you to press *another* button before you get to be evil. And I live in the USA... Ahhh irony =p Thanks again, Archer
  11. Lol, I love that high one. I can't stop laughing. "New standard equipment for all fighter pilots: Choice of gluestick or sharpie introduced into oxygen mask for "getting high"" :p
  12. Warning: n00b question follows. I'm fine with the good old Russian hunks, but when I try to fly an American airplane (well the F-15 at least) I can't shoot missiles. I get a lock-on fine but when I do my evil laugh and pull the trigger the *cannon* fires. Not good in BVR. Uh-uh. Regardless of weather or not cannon mode is on, the puny peashooter still goes off... The training missions aren't helping, the instructor gets a lock and says "press spacebar to fire", but when I hit my fire button on joystick that stupid cannon shoots instead... I bet the answer's gonna be like, 3 words long
  13. 1.- Well, I didn't expect any would hit, but I figured if you have a missile coming towards you, you would be more likley to turn and break lock and at least delay the firing a bit. I'm pretty sure I could have used fewer, though. I'll keep that in mind. 2.- I didn't remember this, since I was well into BVR I thought by going up I would give my missles more range. I didn't consider tracking might be screwed. 3.- That makes sense. Once I hotkey my ECM (lol) I'll be careful with that. What to do if theres more than 1 aircraft in the air? I'm guessing they would communicate with
  14. If you ask me, the mirrors don't match with the rest of the panel: It looks like you're looking at them head-on, but as you can see from the HUD the rest of the panel is angled away from you. And the clouds look seriously photoshopped/painted
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