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  1. Bailey, yes I should of probably posted the answer but after posting the question no one seemed too interested in the question except for me so I just ended it with solved rather than bothering anyone with an answer to a question that they weren't interested in. Big sorry.
  2. Can anyone tell me if the Nevada map includes a well made Mach Loop type area. I know there is something like it near Death Valley and was wondering if it had been included in the map.
  3. How do I show my Flir MFCD on my I-pad
  4. Hello all, I would like to use my I-Pad as the Flir screen for my hornet. I used to be able to use it in the A-10 but its been awhile. Can someone help me with the name of the program I need to be able to do this with. Thanks in advance
  5. Hey thanks randomTOTEN. Great in-depth info.
  6. Hello all, Is it possible to select a point on the F10 map and some how send the coordinates to the F-18 navigation system. Or maybe this is something that I missed in my studying.
  7. Hi all, Can someone tell me which bindings page I should use for the game? There is the “real” and there is “sim” which one am I suppose to set up.
  8. Startup Checklist This is all very confusing to me, would anyone care to build a startup checklist with these new options implemented.
  9. This is probably a simple fix. Recently I am getting constant AWACS Bogie calls. I can't figure out how to stop them. I change the channel but any time I turn it to the airfield channel it's constant How do I turn them off. Thanks for your help in advance.
  10. When cold starting the manual says to hold the {Y} key down while pressing the bit/FCS OSB. There is no FCS button on the bit page. Was this changed after the initial manual was written? The picture in the manual show the FCS OSB but I sure can't find that page.
  11. I just went through the start up in my mind and sure enough I don't recall switching to Nav before I took off. Thanks, I'm pretty sure you solved my delemma.
  12. Hello, any ideas why my bomb fall line is pointing hard over to the right in my hud? It doesn't change by changing direction, just stays hard over. I'm in CCIP, N/T, 1 single, 1 multiple, AG mode, Master arm on, 82 selected on stores page. No change through altitude or direction. Can't think of anything else to add.
  13. I thought that I saw a control to get a landing grade from the LSO after a carrier landing. I have looked through all of the controls and can't find one. Anyone know if I'm delusional. Looking for the F-14 and the F-18.
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