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  1. 2.7 VR Crashes everytime I try and load it. It loads to a screen that says "Mission Load Done" It used to play without any issues and now the sim just frezes. Below is the DCS.log with the Autoexec.cfg added. I hope someone sees something that will fix this issue cause for now I have a useless machine and game. dcs.log
  2. I have no power to my radios unless an engine is running. Some bases won't fuel you unless the engines are off. So How do you guys call for engine start and fuel when the radios require an engine running for power.
  3. Seems like a waste to use ground power when I have an APU.
  4. Hi all, so when I'm sitting at a neutral base and want to fuel my F-18 how do I power up my radios without starting my engines. I put the battery switch to on, nothing. So I start the APU and select both generators and press the radio 1 button but no lights, nothing. It seems the only way to get the radio to work is to start at least one engine but a lot of the bases require the engines off. But if they are off I can't call for fuel. Can anyone help?
  5. Bailey, yes I should of probably posted the answer but after posting the question no one seemed too interested in the question except for me so I just ended it with solved rather than bothering anyone with an answer to a question that they weren't interested in. Big sorry.
  6. Can anyone tell me if the Nevada map includes a well made Mach Loop type area. I know there is something like it near Death Valley and was wondering if it had been included in the map.
  7. How do I show my Flir MFCD on my I-pad
  8. Hello all, I would like to use my I-Pad as the Flir screen for my hornet. I used to be able to use it in the A-10 but its been awhile. Can someone help me with the name of the program I need to be able to do this with. Thanks in advance
  9. Hey thanks randomTOTEN. Great in-depth info.
  10. Hello all, Is it possible to select a point on the F10 map and some how send the coordinates to the F-18 navigation system. Or maybe this is something that I missed in my studying.
  11. Hi all, Can someone tell me which bindings page I should use for the game? There is the “real” and there is “sim” which one am I suppose to set up.
  12. Startup Checklist This is all very confusing to me, would anyone care to build a startup checklist with these new options implemented.
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