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  1. This is really strange....

    I've upgraded my PC (I7 4770) and reinstalled everything (DCS + FC) but i've this very strange iusse now.


    Everytime i hit a key (forx ex, F3 for external view, F1 to return in the cockpit but also the wingmans communication key), i've a delay of some seconds before FC respond. I've also removed the Netframework 4.5 but nothing....


    It's related to the last update, i don't find a solution with the search option?

  2. Yesterday i was flying offline the SU-25 for a training mission. I've collided with ground and the Frogfoot did catch fire all around. I was 100% operative for combat and i have attacked my targets without any problems. Engines were both working or i did have enough output to fly with one only, i don't remeber now but it's not so important considering i was flying when i should have to eject or die. However, or you can stop the fire or you must eject in a few seconds. In 2013 these kinde of "bugs" or "features" in a flight combat sim are not really acceptable, FC 3.0 or DCS.


    It's a great sim, even if in the FC 3.0 standard, but........really guys please fix these problems.

  3. I really like watching this youtube video, cause this what happens to me often, but watch it to the end... soooo funny :)



    Yes is ridiculous, first of all for the people who will going to buy this game for the first time, not really an example of quality for a combat sim.


    It need to be fixed, or removed.


    Fire does mean burn, period.


    P.S.: i was a fire fighting in Air Force.

  4. I unplug the stick power cord until I am rolling on runway above 40mph


    This is the best solution, waiting for a fix.


    Thank, it works fine.


    Also the speed seems to be 10mph while entering the cockpit... maybe the plane thinks it's stalling


    Yes, you get the point i think. It's definitely a bug

  5. hasn't worked since 1.2.2




    So....is this bug in the list or not for fix? It's no so important but hear the sound engines starting with the turbines off is not good at all, not for the new FC 3.0 standard.


    Thank Mastiff, i didn't remember this.

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