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    Out of beta?

  2. Some more love is needed, there are not doubts about it but we have time. Really too many edges.
  3. Guys, do you plan to provide an "original" sound for this AV8B?
  4. Exactly! It must be the best enviroment ever seen in a WW2 flight sim, just only to be motivated to elaborate the right tactic to attack them boxed and escorted.
  5. Thank for replay. We need something really special for this ultra detailed B-17. I really hope ED understand that the B-17 "boxed" is a strategic feature of this Normandy, first of all for the immersion. Really, we have never seen a so realistic B-17 formation, but without a proper DM and graphical effects......it would be wasted. The lack of info from ED does not help, would be time to have an official update about the new DM, please.
  6. Is this only a very early WIP on the B-17 DM? All this potential of Normandy 44 will be wasted, if we'll not have a proper damage model for the flying fortress, somenthing special i mean..... This is really stunning (the "potential") but without a proper DM (not a "simplified" DM)...it will not worth the scramble to intercept them.
  7. Yes...but i still hope in some more love for this amazing Mirage.
  8. It's not easy the delta wing..... We need to take care of the difference between "Dive" and "Sunk", so the AoA problem. Somentimes you don't dive really but sunk, with delta that probably works like a sort of parachute.
  9. Cockpit is very good, really amazing, i hope for an upgrade for the Mirage cockpit aswell, a bit more rounded. I would like have the same standard for both AV8B and Mirage. However this AV8B is a must, really amazing. I can't wait. A promotional video for AV8B pilots recruiting.
  10. TY Toro. I've this both in Alpha e Beta. I don't know.
  11. Don't forget about the last update (Beta): LATEST CHANGES IN Current Release Current Open Beta Updated April 21, 2017 - Updated dynamic drag derivatives in mid to high alpha (reduced drag)
  12. You can also ask for rearm - refuel when the start engine procedure is going on. Don't forget also to push a bit the throttle soon after you have started the engine. Mirage is a very good choice for quick takeoff and scramble.
  13. Not so high....:pilotfly: I'm talking about a speed above the landing gear deployment speed, just to feel you did something wrong.
  14. I've different opinion about this K4 sound. If you think that this is the most realistic DB605 sound, NP. I get the point but i disagree. I enjoy a lot this: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/2113720/ This is a good answer, but people is asking for an update just because of this. We understand it. The difference in the polycount with Spitfire and Mustang is so exaggerated that it does speak for itself. This K4 now, seems to be more a sort of unfinished placeholder than a completed module. The nose low polycount for ex., is really noticeable also with a minimal zoom. Spitfire is fantastic, a perfect DCS module as for Mustang. K4 is not. We'll see in the future...........what can we say more? Not so bad is acceptable if we'll have an upgrade in the future, because "not so bad" is not "good enough" for DCS. DCS G-10?:joystick:
  15. It's correct we don't feel nothing elese than a drop speed? There are not vibrations, noise down behaviour ecc. ecc.
  16. Insulting or not, that was my opinion at that time, and i'm still surprised everytime i read these statements about DB sound, but it doesn't matter anymore. How to make me happy...hoooo, you know it, look at the Spitfire, how incrediblly amazing it is...but i'm not a Spitfire lover.... Speaking seriuosly, i can only hope for an upgrade in the future, may be with a 100% DCS G-10 module.
  17. O.T. Nothing personal, don't worry, but speaking between 109 lovers, as you say, it sounds a bit strange to me. Personally i've given it up because DCS K4 DB sound, and i've begun to feel like there was not a real ED interest in the K4 module (and WW2 may be) if not just to recover.......what we know. Beying a 109 lover myself too, i have always considered the "whistling" DB sound as the most important feature of the 109 itself. There's not 109 without a whistling compressor sound, at least for me. I've reinstalled it, just only because of the great Stuka's sound mod (2.0). Now we know that probably we'll not see the 3D model updated too.... I'm not happy really. This speaking between 109 lovers, sorry for the OT. 109 and DCS....we need more than this K4 module. Really i'm not satisfied, not this time.
  18. If you are happy with the default DB sound, sorry dude, but you are not credible anymore, really. If you say that you are a 109 lover, you should have to be the first one to complain about DB sound, that's just unspeakable. We did talk about DB sound problem a lot of time ago, sorry but we can't give up this time too. This 109 is not in the standard DCS quality level, only the price is. Thank Stuka if some people is still buying this K4 module.
  19. Modellers does not work on this stuff, you should know it. A lot of people is really interested in DCS WW2, even if does not read this forum. So this is what we'll answer them about K4, yes..."dark side pilots off course: - DB sound: the worst ever but Stuka here did an amazing job, so...we can live with this; - 3D model: the worst ever in DCS planeset; - DM.....some news here, at least, would be good. Actually, DM is missed as for the other WW2 models, so np here. We'll answer also that ultra detailed models of WW2 assets actually are more important than K4, and that we just need to wait, may be, some more years to have a K4 model with the same level of DCS Spitfire. Not very good news for dark side pilots, not at all. We don't have understood at that time the importance of a good DB sound for a 109 module, and we don't get the same now for 3D model. ...so, sorry to say this, but this is a very low quality 109 module for DCS standard. Nothing more to say about it.
  20. If you give this kinde of answer, is not more an OT, but probaly an answer also for the 3D problem. I don't know if you are really interested in WW2, i don't think so, but an answer like this about DB, believe me, is not really acceptable like the low quality of this K4 module....low quality for DCS standard off course. Normandy is close to be released, and we are talking about Messerschimitt. This is more than an high priority.
  21. So, for you, this is acceptable for DCS standard? Just to know. I'm not talking about Daimler Benz sound that's is a dead horse, but at least, here, we have some very good mods.
  22. Don't get me wrong, cockpit is good enough but before the final release, would be possible have some more polycount for the cockpit "frontal circles" as for the air intakes, just to make it more rounded? We are excited for AV8B but please don't forget completely about our Mirage.:cry:
  23. Conroy


    It does look great. I know that this is probably asking too much...but...any chance for some European / NATO love? For ex., the our newest carrier Cavour? ...and FREMM frigate?
  24. Can somebody confirm this or not? I've this "problem" in both Beta and Alpha version, so i don't think it could be a corrupted file during my download. It's a 3D glitch, or similar. M2000 is near to be completed, so would be good to report all we can before the official release. Are the M2000C bugs still reported?
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