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  1. of those awful tracer effects for the A-10. I like the old effects. I've seen a lot of videos on YouTube of Warthogs chewing up tanks and Iraqi insurgent positions and haven't seen even one spit out a cartoonish stream of tracers. I notice in the DCS: A-10 teaser there's no tracer rounds. Any way I can just copy the original effect file from Lock On? S
  2. to express my appreciation for this sim. I have had Lock On since it's initial release (I was one of those guys with the nVidia blue screen issue and boy am I glad it's fixed) and it's still one of my favorite combat sims. Naturally, I upgraded to Flaming Cliffs as soon as THAT was released. But I was somewhat reluctant to buy Black Shark. I'm not much of a helicopter guy. But I found it at Best Buy for 20 bucks yesterday and figured I oughta at least give it a look-see. I am very glad I did. This is an excellent sim. Great work, guys. Rest assured, I won't ever hesitate to buy a
  3. Damn. Not cool all the way around. Reminds me of the episode in "Dispatches" by Michael Herr. Friendly helicopters strafe this village in Viet Nam were these American grunts are settling in for the night. One of them shouts: "hey, way to locate the enemy, jackass!" another one swings his M-60 around and says: "case that c***sucker comes back." Does anyone know what happened to the pilots? Stubs
  4. Some1, No, you don't have to prove he's a fighter pilot. But if you could email the number of that blond in back, I'd appreciate it. :music_whistling: And who's that beside her? Stephen Colbert? Stubs
  5. Just finished downloading and installing RedViper. I went looking for my F4 disk, but found Mig Alley instead. :joystick: So had to install RV over Allied Force. No wonder LP was so pissy. Red Viper is a HUGE improvement over Allied Force. And I paid 30 bucks for AF. Grrrr...
  6. Thanks for the headsup. I'm going hunting for it. Almost in protest of Lead Pursuit. F4:AF is one of the worst sims I've ever owned and I paid 30 damn dollars for it. If Free Falcon is even a SLIGHT improvement over Allied Force, I'll just pretend I'm "returning" Allied Force and replacing it with FreeFalcon: Red Viper. :smilewink: Stubs
  7. that would be frickin awesome! Where can i get one? Wait, maybe 2--i'll even put one in my car! I've been thinking about building a cockpit. (all right I am obsessed, i confess, ya got me.) Now I'll know where to get the gauges.
  8. :megalol: I don't play much else besides flight sims. I own pretty much all of them (yes, even CFS3 and falcon 4: allied force :doh: ) Lately I play Lock On most often. But spend a lot of time in the Il-2 series and FS10 (mostly flying shockwave's excellent P-47 Thunderbolt.) I fly Battle of Britain II occaisionally, but the forests remind me too much of crew cuts.
  9. Sweet! Where can I get one? Too bad the don't have dealerships: "Planes cost less in Puyallup! No credit? No problem! Come see us today."
  10. It certainly does look dated. And while I admire the extensive modelling of all the Falcon's avionics, electronics, and radar systems, it isn't enough to make up for the ugly cockpits, simplistic effects, and third rate/third world landscape textures. If Lock On is your competition (which has some of the BEST effects and textures and modelling in the flight sim business) why would you release something that not only doesn't IMPROVE on it, but actually looks like a huge step BACKWARD. Hell, even the airspeed indicator on the HUD has a very canned aspect too it, the way the numbers roll down
  11. I'm recently rediscovering Lock On as well. I'm definitely not new to flight sims, having started eons ago with MSFS '98 and Janes WW2 Fighters. I bought LOMAC when it first came out, but there was no way my old computer could crunch all of it. With my new system though, it runs like a dream and I haven't "flown" anything else in at least three weeks. (The last time was when my copy of Il2 1946 arrived.) I reinstalled Falcon 4 Allied Force a few weeks ago as well and I cannot even FATHOM why anyone would want to play that. It's gotta be hands down the UGLIEST flight sim since CFS3. It do
  12. Thanks Thereminqblank. I did have it the Water on High. Reduced it to Medium and it worked. Stubbins
  13. The message I get is: "The instruction at "0x0cab627c" reference memory at "0x00000000". The memory could not be read." If that means anything to anyone. I'm sure it's just some quirk in my own computer, but I was so close to completing that campaign. :doh: Stubbins PS--ironhand, does ED need any more testers for the team? :music_whistling:
  14. Lock On crashes every time I try to load Mission 6 "Highway Interdiction". Has anyone else had this problem? Is there a solution? Thanks, Stubbins
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