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  1. Some videos... (The guy in the Su-27 is cheating (labels/over g etc.), but notice how much warning he would have had without cheats.)
  2. As a MiG-21 pilot, that would be the greatest equalizer one could ask for :joystick:
  3. The range on the AIM-120 isn't particularly good, I don't know if the current AIM-54 in game is modelled accurately but it seems to perform a lot better, assuming you (F-15) are the only target, I can fire off missiles every few seconds and you'll have to dodge 6 AIM-54's before you'll even get in range and then you have the AIM-7 to deal with, or I can turn back to base and let you play with uncle SAM. I think people have also overlooked that players can simple take off, fire off at 6 targets, wait, then land, rearm and do it again, without even getting in an enemies range.
  4. I was unaware of any specific time cut off/limit, but an alternative could be the MiG-25/31.
  5. Perhaps eventually we need more planes or more missiles to make it a more even playing field. R-77M AIM-120D etc.
  6. Well it's main advantage is that it forces you to dodge, bleed speed/altitude etc., so the F-14 can line up a nice juicy AIM-7 to finish you off if necessary and if there is more than one F-14 coming after you... The F-14 was expensive and with the end of the cold war, the budget just simply couldn't be justified, along with the AIM-54 being just a single platform weapon, so its future was tied to it. Also considering modern conflicts involving the West, they almost always involve opposing nations which have inferior air forces, so you don't need the extended range.
  7. Just wondering, is it likely that the AIM-54 will be effectively outlawed in multiplayer? I know some servers already allow only R-27R/AIM-7.
  8. otester


    Just wondering is it possible to mod this aircraft and add R-73/R-77 etc. and perhaps alter the radar stats?
  9. Is there some sort of guide to getting started? I wanted to make a MiG-23MLD flyable mod, I've copied an existing flyable mod and I am trying to piece it together, but not really getting anywhere because I have no real idea what I should/shouldn't be doing :cry:
  10. Is there anyway to get this back to normal (showing the radar)? Or is this a bug? :joystick:
  11. Did you try FaceTrack using the PointTrack API with an IR clip? Apparently that makes a huge difference along with having a HD webcam? I would buy TrackIR but I'm poor, at least for the moment :cry:
  12. Got an Su-27, I think TrackIR/FaceTrackNoIR would make life a lot easier though.
  13. Apparently the new design vastly improved the aircraft's handling and even gave it a slight super-cruising ability. If Leatherneck wanted to, it just requires a wing change...
  14. I would definitely be willing to pay for one of the later variants (looks like it just needs a new cockpit), at least then I wouldn't be relegated in multiplayer to the side of the map to play with AI. Is it possible to mod this and use a MiG-29S cockpit/loadout?
  15. Yeah I can't get it to launch either, must be bugged as beam riding should allow firing at any time :joystick:
  16. Just opened a PayPal dispute as well. What did you guys put for reason? Also how long did ED take to resolve it?
  17. That's good news, any ideas when the next update is due? (Last one was November 2012?) Oh yeah the AIM-7 worked ok, definitely better than the AIM-120. It seems that the aircraft struggle to hold up at 30000+ in my experience.
  18. Apart from the R-77 it seems radar guided missiles are largely useless now. Firing an AIM-120/R-27R/R-27ER at anything over 10km seems futile, the missile just runs out of speed really quickly, this is at an altitude of 6700ft, I tried 20000ft and there wasn't much of an improvement. On the infrared side, R-27ET also seemed useless, AIM-9 and R-73 seemed normal though. Is this is a bug or?
  19. FOUND IT! Searched for "falcon area51 section"... http://www.fighterops.com/
  20. Not a mainstream publisher, they also had an Area 51 section if you paid for you got exclusive access to latest media content (renders etc.)
  21. Can't remember the name of it, had F-5 and F-16 etc. Was in development last time I heard.
  22. Still haven't had a reply from support either, been at least a week now :(
  23. When the game loads and I click fly via either quickstart or editor it shows loading splash screen then the "Not responding" box comes up with only option but to "Close the program". Was installed fresh along with 1.2.1 patch. Checked VirtualStore folder for temp crash file but was empty. Attached Dxdiag for system spec etc. DxDiag.txt
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