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  1. Sorry, but "talking with a man who seemed to know it quite good" is not such a good source. Maybe Novak can clear this. Fox
  2. When you start a flaps movement, e.g. from landing position to up, and then pull the battery and generator circuit breakers, the flaps will continue to move although they should not receive any current anymore. Can someone confirm? Fox
  3. I am sure that you are wrong, because that doesn´t make any sense. No engineer in his senses would create an aircraft that way. The battery is always an energy source in case of generator failure. I´ll quote myself Addendum: The guns won´t fire without electicity Math is no problem, but you are comparing apples and oranges. 300W as max. rated power output for the Battery? Or what do you mean? The starter needs approx. 350W and is no problem for the battery. Radio should need 530W as Kodoss stated, but I guess only while transmitting and not while receiving. Still no problem for the battery, as you can use it in game w/o engine running. Perhaps you´re talking about energy?! The battery has ~480Wh when fully charged. So it should be drained in ~54 minutes, by the radio alone if it needed 530W permanently. But actually our DCS Dora´s battery it is drained within 20-30 minutes in this situation. And still: After one hour at 2400rpm with everything switched off except instrument lighting, even the fuel pumps were off during that testflight, the battery was just recharged to a level that it could provide power to the radio for only ~10 seconds. From 2000 engine rpm onwards 2kW @ 29V +/-0,5V are available. Ingame the generator breaks in at ~1200 engine rpm, but that doesn´t mean it delivers enough power at that rpm. The engine has to be at 1600rpm+, only then it delivers enough power for the radio. Fox
  4. iFoxRomeo

    Sabre Bug

    Falls du über den ME ins Cockpit steigst, musst du bei Skill "Player" einstellen. Fox
  5. You have not switched on your pitot heating. You can see that the heating for the standby/emergency pitot tube is switched off. Your pitot tubes are frozen. So it is a feature. That sould not happen in RL in these weather conditions, but DCS is special in that point. Post the track you used for the video. Fox
  6. It is not a Dora exclusive feature. The A-10 suffers form this and the Sabre partially too. Every aircraft that has it´s guns muzzles in front of or beside the pilot will have this problem. Fox
  7. No. What is the opposite course of 075°? Right, it is not 259° as seen in the "fixed" version. It is 255°, as shown in the "current" version. Fox Edit: :gun_sniper:
  8. Cofcorpse, I made a comparison video of various DCS aircraft. And there you will see, why people find it hard to belive, that the sabre´s and eagle´s yaw behaviour is supposed to be correct. Watch the turn indicator. The Huey´s, Eagle´s and Sabre´s turn indicator show nearly Zero, when they shouldn´t. That similar behaviour probably led to the following idea... These aircraft turn so slowly that it seems to be incorrect. The video is not listed in YT. Fox p.s. I love the Sabre, and this issue is no showstopper for me. But would be nice if it could be clarified, if this is wrong or not.
  9. Just to close this case. Bug doesn´t appear anymore with DCS Thanks LNS. Fox
  10. That has nothing to do with you not being a MiG-21 Pilot. I don´t understand, why you say it is supposed to fly @19km, if you have no idea how high it should fly :dunno: Well, nevermind... Fox
  11. Unfortunately engine temp is only the tip of the iceberg... Fox
  12. Vincent, could you provide a source that says the MiG-21 ->Bis<- is supposed to fly at that altitude. Thanks Fox
  13. The Stang´s airspeed indicator starts with 50mph, that´s ~43kts. Below that value you have unreliable indication. With the nose up/high angle to the wind the ASI gets only a part of the dynamic pressure and therefore it won´t show correct values. Yet it does show some life in the ASI as the needle is above 0mph but below 50mph at 40kts wind. I´d say there is no problem here. Fox
  14. I don´t think that by increasing the team the bugfixing is accelerated by the same factor. It could lead to problems if the team gets too big. You know the thing with "Having 9 women pregnant brings you a child once a month". But maybe I´m wrong. Well I didn´t say anything that differs from your example. But I went further than you did. When did you see a "individual" update of a module without increasing the DCS World version. Is it right now possible for any 3rd party developer to release an update for a official module without sending this build to ED? That is what I´m talking about. Updates have to be approved by ED first and will be only released in packages most of the time together with updates of other modules. You do get updates only via ED´s updater (or Steam but still via ED), not via the 3rd party developer´s website. Does Microsoft release the updates for modules that other developers produce for FSX? Letting the 3rd party developers release updates by themselves would reduce workload for ED and reduce time between possible updates. ED can still overwatch the updates. E.g.: Every quarter there is a deadline of 2 weeks before the quarter´s end, so developers could send ED a stable build of their module(s). Then ED releases a "official update" for all modules together. And between a official release and a deadline the 3rd party devs could simply release intermediate fixes by themself on their webpage. Fox
  15. +1 QuiGon Okay Archer7, then how does it work @ED? Fox
  16. I had one happening with 1.2.10 one month ago. Fox
  17. Well, you haven´t heared of a engine driven fuel pump, but I did. http://www.topedge.com/panels/aircraft/sites/kraft/fuel.htm That doesn´t mean this is a 100% trustworthy source, but it looks reasonable. Check the DCS MiG-21 Manual. It describes the emergency procedure for drop of fuel pressure on page 169. It is the same in the RL Manual on page 186 para. 315. And when the DC-generator fails, the procedure says something about the fuel boost system as well. DCS manual p.171, RL manual p.195 When you accelerate the engine to more than 95%N1 without the drain tank fuel pump on, the engine will flame out. But up to 95%N1 it will run. And this fits to the aforementioned emergency procedures No, I don´t consider this as a bug, but a feature. Fox
  18. To add custom pages to the MiG-21 Kneeboard, without modifying anything, simply use its "mods" folder X:\...\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World\Mods\aircraft\MiG-21BIS\Cockpit\KNEEBOARD\indicator\CONTENT Put you pages into this folder and they should be shown on the Mig´s kneeboard. Fox
  19. Same here. But using a button to operate the lever. Fox
  20. I know what the dampers are for. And modern bikes do have them(do you mean dampers or weaving?) both, dampers and weaving. Why does it need tweaking? I don´t have problems with weaving. Just pass the "problematic" speed and thats it. Would you accelerate the aircraft then idle the engine and wait for the weaving in RL? I would not. But again. I think it is intended, but I could be wrong. Fox
  21. It is a question of the response frequency. Adding/removing weight shifts this frequency. Fox
  22. Have you seen an independent update of a module outside of a DCS World update? I have not. But I read from not-ED developers things like(analogous) "Bug fixed in internal version. Will (or won´t) make it into the next (or later) DCS update. But we have no date, when this update will be released by ED." As it seems to be now: Module producer submits update to ED(hopefully within the deadline for the next update). ED tests and implements it into the DCS update and then publishes it. All this consumes time and manpower. And with the increasing amount of modules I see problems arise. But maybe ED already thought about this(I hope so). Fox
  23. I consider this as intended. It is more a weave than a shimmy. Best real weave i could find was this motorbike example. Go to t=6:26min... Poor John. Or this computer simulation And combined with your track... one can see how the MiG escalates. I guess it is intended. It looks plausible for me. I experienced weaves on my bike. When it occured, slowly reducing speed reduced the frequency but the amplitude grew. Fox
  24. I´d say: fantasic job Leatherneck! Shimmy simulation. Obviously the MiG-21 had no steeringdamper for its frontwheel. Fox
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