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  1. I cleared the cache, installed a new browser, ran a full repair, deleted the serversettings.lua, renamed the complete dcs server folder in the savedgames folder to force a new set of config files, but no joy. This option doesn't show in the webGUI. But it is in the serversettings.lua, so I can edit it there at least.
  2. I had a few head on collisions. The last one when flying the Anton ripped my Anton's complete right wing off. No chance to control anything. Last time when flying a Mustang and colliding with a Kurfürst lead to an explosion of the adversary, I lost only an aileron and my engine stuttered and fought for five more minutes but then failed on short final. At my last Kurfürst collision I exploded in a big fireball.
  3. @USSR_Rik Unfortunately there is no option for trial clients in the WebGUI. Current OB, dedicated Server.
  4. I'm not saying everything is perfect, but just because people think it shouldn't, doesn't mean it shouldn't. Fox
  5. For OEIs set one ECL full down and the other full up. With full fuel load, no weapons and at std weather conditions one engine is not sufficient for HIGE. AR: Speed during descend around 150km/h, flare around 50m. Problem with AR training: You can't set the engines to idle so that they don't spool up at high collective positions and spoil the AR. And shutting down both engines takes a lot of time for restart. Here are my first ARs with the Hind with shut down engines Skip forward to the ARs at 08:35 Fox
  6. Thank you for taking the time. Well, my "western helicopter philosophy primed brain" still can't find an explanation why one would construct engine controls this way, it surely doesn't mean it is wrong or incorrect. It's just different. Fox
  7. Correct as is? @AlphaOneSix @Yo-Yo Perhaps you have 2,5minutes for a short demonstration of my problem with the throttle Fox
  8. No, he is right. DCS doesn't show True Air Speed, only True Speed, as @Frederf explained. There is a thread buried in the forums, where it is explained. If I find it, I'll post the link. Fox
  9. @AlphaOneSix Thanks for your response. The problem with the track is that you see the action/movement of the throttle, but you don't know what was intended or actually done by me. But nonetheless would be interesting to read your feedback. Okay. Got that. As I only know western Helicopters, this behaviour was strange to me. E.g. an engine set to idle remains at idle regardless of the position of the collective and/or Nr. With both ECLs at low position and collective fully down the throttle can't be rotated. When the collective is then completely pulled up, the throttle can then be rotated again. So the ECLs can lock the throttle?! But only at the collective low position. During normal operation these things don't appear to the normal Simpilot. But if you want to train OEIs or ARs it is not ideal, as the idling engine(s) feeds power to the rotor and thus gives the wrong impression of the available power/energy in the rotorsystem especially during the last phase of the approach. Fox
  10. I think I found your problem. Did you use a preset loadout? It appears you chose yourself. In your track I can't shoot the 30mm also. But once I remove all weapons via the "empty" loadout, the 30mm shoots without me having to change a switch. Fox
  11. @dstar Vielleicht bringen dich Km/h und Knoten durcheinander?
  12. Reload is not necessary. I realized that you set it correctly 5 seconds after hitting the submit button. For some unknown reason my smartphone didn't show all replies after the third or so Fox
  13. Of course. Have you checked the track I attached to the report?
  14. N paar Stunden auf der Hip habe ich schon, aber nicht wirklich viel. Mittlerweile sind mir viele Parallelen zwischen DCS Hip und DCS Hind aufgefallen, die auf viel Copy and Paste hindeuten. Werd die Tage versuchen was zusammenzuschreiben. Z.B. das Verhalten vom "Drehgasgriff" haben die 1 zu 1 übernommen. Also die Bugs meine ich. Unsymmetrie der Anströmung? Sehr ausbaufähig, bei beiden Dickschiffen... Insgesammt weit weit besser als das was Polychop abgeliefert hat, aber da ist noch Raum zum Nachbessern. Es mach trotzdem Spaß das Teil zu bewegen. Fox
  15. There is a little Ng increase at the very end of the collective full up travel range that can't be reduced by the movement of the rotational throttle. But that is not the problem. At full collective up, throttle levers full down, the rotational throttle can be rotated. But when the collective is then reduced to full down, the rotational throttle can't be rotated anymore. Now set rotational throttle to minimum position and increase the collective again, the rotational throttle gets increased, but it is not visible. Only the reaction can be seen that the Ng rises. When you now move(by a hotas axis) the rotational throttle a tiny bit, its value is send to the engines and the Ng decreases. Check the track.
  16. Foreword: This is exactly the same behaviour as in the Mi-8... This is not a controls setup problem. When the throttle levers(left of the collective) are in the middle position, the rotational throttle on the collective can be moved by an axis command, and is not moved unintentionally by a different axis command. When the throttle levers are set to the low/idle position, the rotational throttle can't be adjusted by an axis command anymore, when the collective is fully down. The rotor rpm drops, but if the collective is increased, the engines start to increase Ng again, despite being set to idle. The rotational throttle doesn't rotate visually, but it changes its value. If you increase the collective in this configuration to, say half, you can hear the engines spool up. If you now put the rotational throttle axis to idle, the engines spool down again. But if you increase collective a bit more, the engines spool up again. Slight movement of the rotational throttle around the low position reminds the engines again, that they are actually set to idle and they spool down again. When the collective reaches full up position, the rotational throttle can again be set by the axis command. If moved back down the throttle rotates back to idle, even if not commanded to do so. In this setup(both throttle levers left of the collective fully down/idle) it acts as if the virtual pilot increases throttle simultaneously with the collective increase and reduces throttle with collective decrease. That should not happen. One Engine Inoperative or autorotation training is severely hampered by this throttle behaviour, as you have to shut the engine(s) down if you don't want them to interfere with the procedure. Fox hind_throttle.trk
  17. @Sofapiloz Hier sind zwei ARs. Sind die ersten ARs in der Hind bei denen ich die Triebwerke nicht auf idle genommen, sondern komplett abgestellt habe. Hab n Timestamp gesetzt, wo es mit den ARs los geht. Davor ist nur der Start up. Fox
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