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  1. Such mal nach AIRCREW TRAINING MANUAL Attack Helicopter AH-64D TC 1-251 das ist die "alte" edition, die approved for public release ist. Es gibt ne Neuere, mit neuer Nummer, aber die ist nicht freigegeben soweit ich weis.
  2. Der PC/PiC/AC ist für die Führung des LFZ wie auch die Mission verantwortlich, das beinhaltet auch "the final approving authority for all weapons firing". Wer PC is, wird vor dem Flug festgelegt. Da der Hubschrauber idR nicht alleine unterwegs ist, muss einer bestimmt werden, der dann die Mission führt, z.B. AMC Wie kommst du zu dieser Aussage? So wie es ausgebildet wird, so wird es auch im Einsatz durchgeführt. Oder wie meinst du das?
  3. Es ist zwar schon alles gesagt worden, nur noch nicht von jedem. Muss: nein Viel besser: ja Nicht zentrierende Pedals: ja ja Apache und FBW in einem Satz??? No Señor.
  4. iFoxRomeo

    CPU Frage

    Zack, und schon spricht ED von Multicore im heutigen Newsletter
  5. You didn't say that before. At 7400m MW-50 is supposed to be switched off. So sonder-notleistung can be used without MW-50 above this alt. The problem of this chart is, that it is a calculated chart. No actual flighttest. I find it difficult to discuss the performance without measured values.
  6. There is no curve for 2600rpm with std prop. 694km/h with 2800rpm at 9000m and std prop. What is the issue?
  7. Das geht einfacher: Wo ich bin, ist PIC, und wo "du" sitzt, lag früher meine Mütze. Easy, oder?
  8. Swith to navigator seat, or use keybindings for the fueltank selection Fox
  9. I can't edit my previous post. Don't know why. @burrittoYes, should be P81
  10. He didn't say 1,8ata at 9000m. He said 1,8ata VARIANT, DB605DB with B4+MW50. The calculation expects the pilot to switch off MW50 at 7,4km. The curve shows a drop in speed when MW50 is deactivated. It is hard to tell up to what altitude MW50 would still increase the poweroutput if it was kept activated. Fox
  11. Mit nem Ryzen Prozessor sollte man auch noch n Moment warten, falls man jedes Frame benötigt. https://www.golem.de/news/microsoft-windows-11-macht-amds-ryzen-langamer-2110-160162.html
  12. Did you suffer an engine failure due to overcooling in the Spitfire?
  13. With 23.9lb/sq.in. We only have 18lb/sq.in With 18 lb HX809 reached 332mph
  14. No, the outer tanks only feed "their" engine. No crossfeed for the outer tanks, that's why you should burn that fuel first.
  15. A workaround till bugfix: After setup of the bomb panel, wingbombs seletion and fuse, you can drop the wing bombs with the droptank jettison button (don't forget to open the cover for this button). Then they will drop and explode.
  16. Gar nicht. Ist noch nicht fertig.
  17. It would be realistic to use two buttons. In the real mossie you shoot the 20mm with the index finger and the .303 with the thumb. Don't forget to open the window and order the ground crew to prime the engines again after a failed start attempt. Fox
  18. No 25lbs boost. It's a copy/paste mistake. The manual is also in early access.
  19. Affirm. They don't work. The engine(s) cough but continue to work when the cutoff is pulled. I put the feathering button on the Warthog Throttle idle/cutoff switches. That way I can access them quickly if necessary and am sure to reduce throttle to zero before activating the mechanism. But the throttles have to be put back to idle after activation so that the buttons are not pushed permanently, as it would unfeather the props again. Interestingly I have NO problems feathering the props in MP and SP... Will re-check it later. Fox
  20. The radiator flaps warp with open command and unwarp with close command. It appears that one side of the flap is fixed, hence the warping with open/close.
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