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  1. Well, the FAA used "Settling with Power" together with VRS. But even the FAA differentiates nowerdays. And luckily the Helicopter Flying Handbook is no Bible that can't be changed. Quote: https://www.faa.gov/regulations_policies/handbooks_manuals/aviation/helicopter_flying_handbook/media/hfh_ch11.pdf "Vortex ring state (formerly referenced as settling-with-power) describes ..." And the Canadians say the following in their Helicopter Flight Training Manual: https://www2.tc.gc.ca/eng/civilaviation/publications/tp9982-exercise26-973.htm Quote: "There are
  2. It is often confused, but it is not the same. You don't need Vortex Ring State to settle with power. You can settle with power with just -100ft/min, but that is not VRS then. Settling with power means that you touch/hit the ground because you don't have enough engine-power to reduce your rate of descent in time. Vortex ring state is a state of the rotor where the airflow is partially or fully "reversed". A vortex ring state can lead to a settle with power, depending on the height you have. You can enter a VRS at 5000ft and exit the VRS at 4000ft without hitting the gro
  3. VRS =/= Settling with power jcomm with 3000fpm you should be beyond vrs already
  4. Genau. Und pumpen muss man auch nicht. Fox
  5. Actually the engagement of the nosewheelsteering is not a problem. If you have a HOTAS with switches, use one of them for the NWS. That way you can not accidently disengage it. Flip the switch and it is enganged. Now if the nosewheel is not centered, just catch it. Once your NWS is activated you just need to tap your pedals into the direction your nosewheel is pointing to. Once you went over its position, the steering unit catches the nosewheel. E.g. -100 / 0 / +100 is the pedal range The nosewheel is at -50 Pedals are centered Activate NWS, fully press you
  6. Found another jettison video Edit: Edit 2:
  7. Check Phil's report ZOMBIE BOMBERS - AI bombers cannot be destroyed - New Damage Model Bugs - ED Forums (eagle.ru) Fox
  8. Erst so hinsetzen, wie man fliegen will, VR centern, dann mit RShift+RCtrl + Num 8/2/4/6 -> Hoch/Runter/Links/Rechts RShift+RCtrl + * oder / -> Vor/Zurück positionieren. Also ich habe mir das aufs Hotas gelegt. So kann ich auch im Flug problemlos die Position einstellen. Fox
  9. For me it sounds like this Hint: Prop governor. It's a great plane Fox
  10. Also das Kabel der G2 entspricht einem Strang der G1 und ist deutlich länger. Fox
  11. Na, keine Ahnung von Fliegerei?! Ist nicht schlimm, man kann nicht alles wissen. Wetter ist DAS Wichtigste in der Luftfahrt. Eine Flugsimulation ohne vernünfiges Wetter/Wolken ist mehr ein Game als eine Simulation. Und immer nur bei severe sunshine und absoluter Windstille in DCS rumzujuckeln ist mittlerweile ziemlich oll. Aber, wie zum Geier kommt man darauf, dass die Entwicklung des Wetters in DCS schuld am EA Status vieler Module ist? Fox
  12. Nur mal aus Neugier. Welche IPD hast du? Echte IPD. Und was stellst du in WMR ein, bzw auf Welche IPD is deine Brille eingestellt?
  13. Perhaps at this powersetting plugfouling starts to creep in. High powersettings clean the plugs again. Maybe the plugfouling starts too soon. Fox
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