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  1. I don't need to be in the DEV team. ED showed that they have a understanding of helicopter specific aerodynamics. That's why I am sure that the Apache will fly like a helicopter and not like a LM. But will it by true to the Apache? I hope it comes close.
  2. Well, at least the Apache will fly like a helicopter and not like a LM. The Kiowa will show PC's dedication to a FM. I'm honestly curious about it. They deserve a second chance. Fox
  3. https://www.facebook.com/flyingheritage/videos/672188696929984/ After opening this link, immediately klick on the video, then you don't need to log into facebook @NineLine I think the Warbird Community is well connected, so Nick probably knows the guys behind this project and Steve Hinton. Just in case ED picks up the 262 one day again. They certainly can give feedback to Jumo behaviour, Flight manuals etc. And it should by a nice trip for you to this museum over a weekend, some day in the future. Fox
  4. As Mogster said, there are a few replicas, rebuilt by original plans. And there is one project with original Jumos, but I think it didn't fly yet. Engine test-runs were made. The Messerschmitt-Museum in Germany in Manching operates 109s and a 262 Replika. So your point is not really valid. Other than that, there is no K4 or D9 in flying condition, yet ED managed to create both. ED doesn't necessarily need a flying example. They need data as much as possible. That cries for Me262 vs. Meteor... Well I think we both agree here that we want both, the 262
  5. To quote xvii-Dietrich Yeah, I voiced my concerns a few times already. This shall be the last time on the causa Schwalbe/Sturmvogel. I hope I can withstand the tempation, when someone posts something I consider as nonsense. This an IMHO with many "I"s, to whom it may concern: I supported ED for many years now. I enjoyed the modules. But not without some anger from time to time. (In 2015 I had a server running, but stopped it after a year, as there were quirks and problems I didn't want to deal with anymore) It's not a complete list but some examples: Be i
  6. 12 captured Zeros and none representative? I would think they had managed to re-build one or two Zeros in good condition out of the parts that 12 aircraft provide. But I have no thorough knowledge about the PTO. Just what I found on wwiiacperf. Thanks nonetheless. Page 2 General Data: "A maximum speed of only 340mph has been obtained in flight tests" So it's a bit more than just a data card. As you said collection of all available data, including testflights. I'm sure you understood the criticism. Fox
  7. I refered to the TAIC report No.17. The test states, that another Zeke52 would be used for Army trials. http://www.wwiiaircraftperformance.org/japan/ptr-1111.pdf The Zeke 52 in the Army test TAIC 38 didn't have full power during 3/4 of the test http://www.wwiiaircraftperformance.org/japan/zeke52-taic38.pdf Where can we see these documents? Here is another report: Zeke 52 @ 6000m 350mph but at WEP. http://www.wwiiaircraftperformance.org/japan/Zeke-52-TAIC-102D.pdf
  8. Thanks for pointing into this direction. I was completely unaware of this. Fox
  9. At least the UH-1H, Mi8, F-86F, MiG-15, Fw190D9, Bf109K4 are similarily "old"... The lighting got updated, 3D not.
  10. JHAT, here are also some nice ones https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/508681281/dcs-wwii-europe-1944/posts/723040 Fox
  11. Na vergessen wohl nicht. Wissentlich liegengelassen. Letztes Jahr hieß es ganze Zeit, dass 2021 das Modul fertiggestellt werden soll... Anfang des Jahres dann wurde das wieder relativiert und es soll irgendwann gemacht werden. Nunja. Ist n schönes Teil und mach prinzipiell auch Spass. Aber Momentan geht bei diesem Modul wenig. ED ist gerade sehr mit dem 2.7 Update beschäftigt. Fox
  12. Norm, sorry, but you misunderstood me. Do you think I'm a ED/DCS fan or hater? I'm not an native english speaker, so it's possible I didn't make myself clear. To be clear: I want ED to prosper! For that I buy modules I don't even use. I have these modules, but 2/3 of the time I spend in DCS I'm either flying the F-86F or Bf-109K4. Both released to beta in 2014. And I still continue to support ED. So is it now clear how I stand to ED? Please, If you read what I write or wrote, imagine it with a calm voice and no shouting.
  13. I just want to emphasize why this case, not the aircraft, is somehow different to other cases. I said enough why I think the 262 would be a good addition. I would always favour the 262 over the Hellcat. But that doesn't say I don't want a Hellcat in the long run with a nice map and proper assets. I think it is childish behaviour that some users say that they want this or that module INSTEAD of the Me262. "Please make <insert favourite module here> after you finished the previous one", that would be mature and not so egocentric. I am sure the number of availa
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