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  1. A sort of poll in the title. There are few panels that can be added to the modern H.O.T.A.S to make our sim station more realistic. Is there a specific one you would buy if could find it at an acceptable realistic price? Well, express yourself and name it here.
  2. I accomplished the mission twice in a row and pressed "ESC" after landing on the airport strip and moved the F/A 18-C to a parking beside the strip. Unfortunately in the debriefing room I can read my results (100) but I am not able to press "end mission". Actually I can but nothing happens. All other labels are clickable and working but "end mission". I mean.... can't continue with the campaign. And that's the second time. First, I updated the DCS open beta to 2.7 version and I had to restart the entire campaign because the simulator was crashing everytime I load the current mission (n.9). Now I finally got to the point I dropped few week ago and I can't go on with the mission 9 again. Is it only me?
  3. AGM-65E are laser guided, that means they need a laser ray to be guided on target. You can get them in two ways into DCS so far: 1) you can load a targeting POD on board and illuminate the target by yourself 2) the target can be "selected" by a ground squad's laser or another airplane that has a targeting Pod. If you do not have anyone of those in your mission, well, forget launching a Maverick. Basically the head of the laser maverick search for a target which has a laser on it. The laser has a "code" that need to match with the one of your missile(s) you get on your plane.
  4. It may be related to the aircraft instead of the mission but I cannot explain why, when I select an instant mission i.e., the a2a weapons work perfectly.
  5. Same here, a couple of times I managed to shoot the 1st AMRAAM and splash the first bandit, after that, when the enemies come closer and I switched to Sidewinders or Guns I cannot shoot anymore. Nor AIM 9 or AIM 120 or Guns. Coupling this problem with the losing locks of the F-18's A/A radar that afflict the simulator after the latest updates makes this 12th mission basically unplayable.
  6. Same question here.... anyone?
  7. Ciao, pure io. A bit less than 20 miles, I was flying 25000 feet.
  8. Are you Italian? Same here pal, no way to lock it and I was not able to maneuver the bomb with D/L. I solved it using only the Walleye without pod. It locked thr building and flew directly on the roof of that.
  9. Thanks guys, do you know if there are some tables to reference with?
  10. Anyone can please explain in a simple way how's the changing mils work in MAN mode? I understand the reticle is moving down increasing the number in the UFC but the bullets are shooted at the same height. I thought moving down the reticle was followed by the gun nose... Apologize my ignorance but even Google cannot help really much this time and I'd like to better understand how it works.
  11. Wingmen Fuel Hello, is there a voice command to ask for the fuel quantity of your wingmen/flight?
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