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  1. The are several videos available in the internet showing harriers bowing while VSTOL and without moving at the same time. But... how is that possible? I have an idea (with nozzle at maximum) but it is not working for me.
  2. But even after a year...... this problem is still there.... :-(
  3. Many years have passed since I have unsuccessfully applied at the German Heer for being a pilot for this helicopter..... 1988.... And I have been invited for several days at such an airbase..... Now this airbase has been shut down and I have seen such helicopters on the back of a truck - demilitarized nd beoken into several parts.... And now I hope that I will get a chance to fly this little nice thing by playing DCS World....
  4. How about thinking once again about your last post? There are only mistakes in it.... By the way I have tested several sports cars in the past and the distance for braking from 200 km/h has been 123-144 meters....
  5. The problem still exists (after so much time / many releases): All flyable planes are not breaking as expected. They seem to be too weak. In the DCS World settings I have set my Thrustmaster TPR to Slider and Invers. And there it shows me that they are working from the minimum value to the maximum value. But in the game I am breaking, breaking, breaking and I need most of the runway. This is definitely not right. If I am also using the key "w" the brake force seems to be doubled but even not realistic (= too soft).
  6. @Nickcdart: Switching off the SSDP service in Windows fixed the problem! Thanks!!! Of course this can only be a workaround and must be fixed by Eagle Dynamics. The problem never occured with other programs.
  7. I would definitely buy this chopper. I was extremely interested to fly an attack helicopter since 1995. I have been invited to a German airbase of this helicopter type in 1988. One year later I was applying at the German Luftwaffe but they refused to take me because the capability of one of my eyes was not good enough for them.
  8. Another strange behaviour: If I am removing the TrackIR from the USB-Port, I am still getting the Trackir Unplugged/Plugged message randomly!!! (Although it is not plugged in anymore!) -> I would assume that this bug is inside DCS World and not the TrackIR device or driver.
  9. Hallo, leider bekomme ich inzwischen (nach sehr geringer Nutzung) für das Throttle die Meldung "Der Gamecontroller ist nicht richtig angeschlossen." Kannst Du mir bitte einen Tip geben oder die Instalaltion bzw. Kalibrierungsdatei erneut schicken? Danke und Grüsse
  10. I have already switched off all energy optimisations of all usb devices. It didn‘t help.
  11. It makes me crazy for more than one year. And: everytime when it happens, all games controllers / usb devices are also unplugged.
  12. This makes me very sad because I was more interested to fly this helicopter than all others.... That has been the only reason for me to buy the Gazelle module. I got this helicopter being introduced to me in the real life in the 80s.
  13. Is it only me who has this problem with the unplugging TrackIR?!!!
  14. I have 64 bonus points but they are quite useless for me. (In the past I could use them only for two times. I have bought most of the modules.)
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