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  1. "South African and German air forces conducted what was termed a 'combined/joint' maritime exercise off the Cape recently, the focus of Exercise Good Hope II being to further develop inter-operability between the forces with an eye to co-operation in peace support noperations in the littoral environment." : World Air News Magazine; May 2006. Hope that you like the pics. I got them from contacts with security clearance.
  2. Do any body know how good the F22's maneuvrability is compared to other aircraft? South African Gripens don't have TVC engines while the F22 and Su 30 MKI has. Does this mean that the Gripen will be hoplessly outmaneuvred in a dogfight?
  3. "It's fairly apparent that that article was written for people who don't know a damn thing about modern aerial combat." You might also have noticed that the reporter isn't realy unbiased in his/her opinions. ("Now all this sounds like a lot of US hype..."). So much for objectivity.
  4. "Fanboy: it was SDB, small diameter bomb, the GBU-39." OOH! Sorry. I have visited this site before but I have never posted. The reason that I chose Fanboy was because of the signiture of D-Scythe which I think is hilarious.
  5. Britgliderpilot; I agrea, but I was thinking more in the line of A10 and Su25 tipe aircraft for CAS. P.S. SBD Dauntless rocks!
  6. The reason that I posted this thread is that some people think that the F22 is crap. And here you have the point of view of three diffirent pilots. In my opinion, there are two bad things about the F22: Firstly, the American politicians decided to buy to few of them. Secondly, a very large part of the USAF buget is going into the F22 project. So other areas will suffer (Like Close Air Support.). [Technically my two statements are contradictary.].
  7. Supercruise is a major advantage. Aparently the F22 can supercruise at Mach 1.5. So it can run circles around conventional engined fighters (Like the South African procured Gripen.).
  8. That is the problem with reporters, the never seem to know what they are talking about! To me the important parts are what the pilots have to say about the F22.
  9. Death comes like a bolt from the blue The US Air Force has unveiled a stealth fighter so advanced that no other aircraft in the world stands a chance against it, writes Roger Makings "‘It’s going to be a tough day at the office for any fighter pilot going up against the Raptor in an air-to-air scenario. It’s an awesome aircraft’" DisplayAds ("body", "120", "60"); ASK any modern fighter pilot and he’ll tell you that the last thing he wants is a fair fight. He’s not interested in matching his skills with the enemy. He doesn’t want to see whose aircraft has the tighter turnin
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