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  1. Ha...no I'm not but it is nice to know that is an option. Thought perhaps I missed a button somewhere that scored my multiplayer on the logbook. Thanks gang.
  2. Do "flight hours" not accumulate in multiplayer? New to DCS and once satisfied I was done with the tutorials and ready for real missions I created a "pilot" and started doing missions and instant action. Been a couple of days now and I have racked up several hours of flight time (some of you must have hundreds of hours :joystick:), and then noticed my time did not increase after playing a multiplayer game with a friend. Any insight would be appreciated. :thumbup:
  3. Will give it a shot, thanks for the insight Mnemonic.
  4. Hello, I am running DCS on a triple display with nvidia surround using 2 GTX 670s in SLi mode. Under the game's setting (default high) and with 3 screens selected I am getting 20 fps at the most. If I make it one screen I get well over 60 all the time...but the two side monitors shows everything stretched and distorted. What am I doing wrong? The game looks great with the 3 Screen Setting, no stretching or distortion on the side monitors. Attached thumbnails were taken from the same spot int he cockpit. The first is with 1 screen...notice the enormity of the wing tip. The second s
  5. TZeer, could you explain how you get SLI to work...I am getting better frames with it off. Yes, I could just sell the extra video card but then I would get worse fps in other games (though to be honest since I discovered DCS other games are gathering dust). I am running a triple display. Reading that you've got it working propery gives me hope that perhaps I am missing some setting somewhere. Running i5-3570 Ivy Bridge; 2 GTX 670 FTW in SLi; 8GB DDR3 1600 RAM; AsRock Extreme4 MOBO; 3 Dell U2412 monitors; Windows 7 64 Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Thanks all. I'm sure to have a questions and it ism good to know they will be met with patience, wisdom and knowledge. I cannot remember the last time I played a game this challenging to learn or one that rewarded a playter with such a sense of accomplishment. I literally cheered on my first successful landing. All the other games on my hard drive are becoming jealous of DCS: A-10C.
  7. Hello DCS Community! Been "loitering" on the forums for a couple of weeks now learning a lot about DCS: A-10C...thanks for all the insight. Started playing about 3 weeks ago, my first flight sim...Wow! Utterly engaging, loving the challenge and looking forward to learning more and more.
  8. Thanks for this, Ixvanwyk. Need to check these settings when I return home tonight.
  9. Adding to this...can you change the skin when joining a multiplayer game?
  10. Hmm...I will have to check into this when I arrive home.
  11. Hello DCS community. New here and to flight sims and let me just say that I am having a wonderful time learning the ins and outs of the A-10C. The forums have been helpful with everything from HOTAS selection, setting up Track IR (thanks Fish!) and learning about the varied nuances of the game. There is one thing I cannot find an answer to it and it is based on the in cockpit HUD. When I get started the hud is there, where is supposed to be and sized properly. As I move around the 'pit while in flight, zooming to to see instruments or scanning for targets, inevitably the HUD becomes to b
  12. This is happening to me as well...almost every time I start up DCS: World...and then again when I begin A-10C. Any way to correct this?
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