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  1. Yes I'm aware of the ability to change things in the ME but that doesn't work playing on multiplayer servers.
  2. I love flying russian aircraft and playing red team on multiplayer but I don't intend to learn russian so the constant radio traffic from awacs, etc. in russian can be pretty irritating. There should be an option to override the faction's native language and replace it with a language of the user's choosing.
  3. Sling loading weight Is there a point to sling load heavy crates vs light? Also is there a way to go even heavier? The ~1400kg crates are a bit light for the mi-8:)
  4. Seriously. After the tremendous wait for 2.5 I would have thought that it would at least have included compatible resources.
  5. From the wikipedia it seems like a pretty easy thing to make a rough model of.
  6. I own most of the modules. If I just copy my control bindings from 1.2 to the 1.5 beta will everything work ok? The thought of redoing all my controls is preventing me from playing.
  7. I joined in a Su-27 on a multiplayer server. I noticed that the movement of the image in the mirrors wasn't right. E.g. moving my head forward made the mirror image tilt down as if I had moved upward. I then quit and started an "instant action" in the mig-21. For the entire mission my mirror showed a frozen view of the pilot in the su27. see attached image.`
  8. Get online and try a few servers to see which missions you like. I personally like s77th server most of the time.
  9. I was testing the BetAB-shp on the su-25 and found that while the craters were devastating to most airframes the F-15 could roll right over them without issue. Has anyone else experienced this?
  10. The idea of AUTO is nice but I think it's a little conservative. I can consistently hit targets from a hover at 9km without needing to adjust my aim or anything.
  11. This can be done relatively easily via scripting.
  12. I'm aware of that. I'm just saying that I think it makes sense that the altitude Channel might stay on even in fd mode.
  13. I have no idea whether or not this is realistic, but if I was designing the autopilot system this is exactly how I would make it work.
  14. S77th is always recruiting people who enjoy flying with us. Hop on the server and our TS server sometime.
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