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  1. I talk about the actually gun sound, not the bullet crack. On youtube are several recordings where you hear the shot after the impact and a while later you hear the engines of the a10 indicating it is further away. When I engage the target at range and watch it in replay I cannot hear the gun at all, though a couple of seconds later I hear my engines. I have to be closer with the A10 to hear the gun. Thats why I would like to increase the outer_range variable of it. I tried to make a recording of an example but my shadowplay failed. May I upload it tomorrow when I can fix it.
  2. I realy like the sounds but I would like to increase hearing range of the sound. Sometimes you just hear the explosions but no Brrrt when watching replay, static camera next to target.
  3. Scheintot887

    Sound modding

    Hello! I realy love the new sounds. However, I would like to increase the distance the Gau 8 is heard. I tried to increase the outer radius in /savedgames/dcs/sounds/sdef/Weapons/GAU8Cannon.sdef but I cannot inherit from the sdef Gau8Cannon itself. I would need the vanilla settings and copy and paste it, though I don't have it. Can someone help me or has some tips? Thanks!
  4. Yeah but that's the old sound. :) I tested both, beta and release candidate. :)
  5. I still have the old sound like many others. You got the beta installed or the normal DCS version? PS: Im pretty sure you hear the old sound because im on the newest version and just have checked, there is no beta yet. Also just have checked that the video came out after the last patch got released. It can't be in any version just yet. :(
  6. I would like to add a low rate of fire to the bushmaster (based on real data). It has already been in the corresponding lua file "GT_t.LN_t.automatic_gun_25mm.PL[1].shot_delay_lofi = 60/100; -- lo-rate mode 100 rpm". It was disabled though. The problem is that I don't know how to switch rate of fire. Is there even a way to do it? If not would it be possible to add this feature via code? I'm never realy sure where DCS modding limits are. Also I was thinking if I could make a clickable interior like in Steel Beasts? The PPI has a clickable UI but the way of doing it seems a little fru
  7. Hello DCS Community! Last Oktober I've worked on a voice sound mod because I didn't realy enjoy the DCS ATC voice communications however when I heard ED is working on an ATC update I decided to stop because I didn't know when and what exactly. Recently though I decided to release it and then update it if necessary. Due to the changes in the structure of sounds I have no access to all callsigns at the moment (I basically need all names) so I will ask for help in the sound mod thread. I would like to finish this mod. Currently in this mod: ATC Voice replacements. Everything done exce
  8. Hello DCS Community! The last couple of days I've started to polish the DCS: Combined Arms module. My first attempt to run a prototype of this project was to create a 2D interior for the M2A2 Bradley and make the visuals more appealing. My problem is that the vanilla setting looks very arcade, Rework is my answer to that problem. To create the first prototype I had to understand the lua files, get reference (how the interior looks), model it in Blender, texture it in Substance Painter and do the "coding" in lua. Also the color of the crosshair has been changed and a new TOW crosshair has
  9. You can close the topic. You have to transfer licenses by binding your steam account to ED account. Close.
  10. Hello folks! I have purchased the F15C DLC from steam and now I want to activate it on my non steam account (transfer it). Steam however is not showing me my F15C CD key on the cd key list. Any ideas? Greetings.
  11. Windows 7, 16GB Ram and SSD (tested both, ssd and hdd) I had stuttering. Windows 10, 32GB Ram and 1TB SSD and no stuttering at all. Preload Radius was max'd out in both setups.
  12. So, any news to this? Is Eagle Dynamics working on it? A lot of people seem to have the same problem (me too). Got better when I increased the preload radius and activated V-Sync (reluctant). GTX970, 16 GB Ram (soon 32), I5 4690K 3.5 GhZ. HDD (removed it from SSD because there is no difference at the moment).
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