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  1. Hi SKF! Nice to see i'm not the only one returning here. Enjoy your stay!
  2. mm, i hope AI won't crash into those at landing, grandsurf have you tested that?
  3. Lielvarde ATC, built by soviet AF standarts.. probably :)
  4. If you realy want X-Fi then take X-Fi Xtreme Music or better, you will overpay for same card, since X-Fi Xtreme Audio and X-Fi Xtreme Gamer have same crap PCB. Only changes software.
  5. STRELA-10M + STRELA-2 link: http://www.army.cz/scripts/detail.php?id=6403 http://www.1rota.com/technika/strela10/strela10_vid.MPG
  6. Time ago, i saw video on youtube, also about this water injection;
  7. That bug with clouds is because of antialiasing, disable it to get normal overcast cloud shape.
  8. Nice mod! One question, is there any value in config, so i could change it to increase tree density? imho, tree's in LO are too spread in forest, last times when i flew IRL over my country i saw forests were more dense. example:
  9. Link dont work to me, neither on opera, firefox, IE. :noexpression: upd. nwm, now it's working..
  10. (img) kyborgs.times.lv/AT-3_SAGGER.rar (video) kyborgs.times.lv/Kornet_01_01.mpg kyborgs.times.lv/Kornet_03_01.mpg
  11. umm, Tu-22 werent only ones, 29x Tu-95 and 15x !Tu-160! also were cut into scraps.. :cry:
  12. Well, ED have announced "public help" topic, where everyone can post photos/videos with LO missiles(air-air/ground/ship) launch exhaust, so they can examine this data and change/do whatever they want.. It should help ED in future projects or even BS. topic link http://forum.lockon.ru/showthread.php?t=22935
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