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  1. Thanks for your comments draconus. I don't have an SSD sadly but I will play around with medium/low settings as you suggest and see what I can achieve. Realistically I think I will have to save up for a hardware upgrade.
  2. Thanks BIGNEWY I will install 2.5 and play around with the settings as you suggest. I was able to use mostly high settings in 1.5.8 but I expect 2.5 will demand a lot more resources.
  3. I have a GTX750TI 2GB VRAM and 12GB RAM my processor is an old I7. What can I reasonably expect performance wise in 2.5? Will I need to run in low settings?
  4. Thank you infernus, just bought the X-55 so your profiles have got me off to a flying start. This is my first HOTAS so lots of work ahead learning all the controls.
  5. Both. Sometimes I like to fly around and enjoy the amazing DCS Aircraft. Sometimes I just want to blow thing up and shoot things down. It all depend on the mood I am in and what kind of day I have had.
  6. Hi Devrim, Thank's for all your hard work on this excellent MI8 cockpit mod. I installed it today and it has made such a difference, speeding the learning process and encouraging me to really want to fly this aircraft.
  7. Thank' for the manuals, they are really useful, great work.
  8. SU25T ILS not displaying in HUD Hi Biggles07, Thanks for the reply. The two airfields that I have been using are sukhumi and Kutaisi. The autopilot does its job flying down the glidescope with the ILS needles working correctly in the HSI. Going by the tests that you have done it is beginning to look like a bug. It would be useful if somebody else could check this on their setup to confirm this. It is not a massive problem as you can still use the HSI to stay on track :)
  9. I am new to DCS World and I am really enjoying learning how to use this amazing simulator. As I work my way through the tutorials with the SU25T, I have noticed that when the autopilot switches to landing mode the ILS information is not displayed in the HUD. This issue started last month, it worked fine before. Could this be something that I have done wrong or could it be a bug from a recent update. I have the latest 1.2.4 version installed. The ILS bars work fine in the HSI so I must be on the glidescope.
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