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  1. Really great job, GA.:thumbup: Your choices of sounds, your edits, and camera angles really shined in this. Loved your opening titles.
  2. Good luck reducing the poly's on that F-14 model, its around 750,000 triangles! :shocking:
  3. cool stuff, check out the bottom of the SU-34 page: "The model made for "Digital Combat Simulator" (DCS): Black Shark" guess theres a re-do of the SU-34 coming along, or maybe its already in the game? I dont have DCS:BS, so I dont know.
  4. Well, that convinced me to go get the Dark Knight soundtrack. Great Job.:thumbup:
  5. Yeah, apparently. I guess thats how the VFX company that made it (RealtimeUK) was allowed to realease the movie on thier own. Otherwise, if the game was still being made, THQ would have probably released it.
  6. Thought I'd share this video that I found at CGtalk. Its a cinematic from a (now cancelled) arcade-style video game called stormbirds. Though unrealistic, its mighty impressive. Thought y'all might enjoy it:thumbup:. Original thread at CG talk HD version Medium Version Low res
  7. GA, I have a few recommendations for you. First, there's a guy named Kevin Macleod who writes royalty-free cinematic music and categorizes it on his website: http://incompetech.com/m/c/royalty-free/ Second, theres a website called archive.org where a lot of people upload "creative commons" works, I don't know if you want to use those, since alot of them disallow use in commercial projects. I don't know if this video is going to be a official BS movie, so you might want to take that into consideration. Most of these just require you provide them credit in your work. But there is a HUGE selection of music there, specifically in their "open source music" directory. Nine Inch Nails has even uploaded several non-commercial albums to this website, and they are quite interesting to listen to. Heres a few links: http://www.archive.org/details/opensource_audio ---main page you can search from Nine Inch Nails "Ghosts" album (theres some really cinematic stuff in here) http://www.archive.org/details/nineinchnails_ghosts_I_IV Nine Inch Nails "The Slip" album (check out the track "corona radiata", specifically from the 4:00 on part of the song) http://www.archive.org/details/nine_inch_nails_the_slip
  8. Thanks, GA. Just promise me you'll never get into 3d CGI:) Since I started fooling around with Cinema 4d, its like another world compared to after effects. Its alot like when you first learn the basics of compositioning with after effects, but then you have to repeat that same learning curve for modeling, texturing, materials, lighting, animating, rendering (which takes eons to get anything decent:mad:). Its an act of futility at times, and at worst its like an act of pure masochism.
  9. No problem. I have been working on something new for the last 7 months or so in the very limited amount of free time I have. It will be much different from the two short films that I've made so far, though still aviation oriented. I can't post any screens or previews because I'm not at home right now. Here in the eastern US, we just had a hellacious storm pass through with awful winds (the remainders of hurricane Ike) , so power is out all over the place, including my home where my work computer is. We probably won't be getting power back at home until at least Friday. I should add that I'm a little hesitant to show any of the work that I've done, not the least of which because I don't want to ruin any surprises, but I also feel kindof guilty posting all of my work stuff here when I don't even use this forum to talk about anything to do with Lockon/Black Shark. Heck, both of these other movies I made were with Flight Simulator, someone else's product. Seems like the only reason I post here is to respond to questions about these two movies or to talk about things that are tenuously related to lockon/BS. All that said, If and when I do finish something, I'll let you guys know, even if that means its "chit-chat" forum material. Len
  10. I should have just made a second, shorter reel along with the original, breaking down some of the shots into their components. Forgive me if my memory isn't great, again, I made this over a year and a half ago. And its even kindof embarrassing to look at compared to what I'm capable of now. The first effects shots that you mentioned, the shots that had "dust" or "wake" behind each aircraft were first captured from FS2004 using the recording module, and then replaying it back to capture to video using FRAPS (often at half or quarter speed to get enough frames per second). This footage was then taken into After effects, and I simply comp'ed the dust clouds in using the Trapcode particular plugin, which can be used to create semi-realistic smoke and particle effects. I just synched it up visually using "wind" effects that are part of that plugin. This was done for most of the shots where the camera shot it relatively still (or moving in a straight line, or panning). When I did the shot where they meet and freeze, with the camera "orbiting" them both, all I did was actually fly that profile for both jets, first flying one, and then flying the other (which took a long time to get right, I would either run into the other first plane or be above him or to the wrong side). When I played it back from the recorder module in-game, I would pause it exactly when the aircraft merged. I simply did a camera very slow camera rotation around the F-15, which would also capture the SU-27, and recorded that with fraps. Unlike the other shots with dust in them, this one had significant camera movement, so in order to synch up the dust trails, I would have to do what is called "matchmoving" or "camera matching". Fortunately I have an application that does that, called Boujou. I ran the FRAPS footage through Boujou, which essentially analyzed the footage, and created a camera move that I could export and use in After effects to synch up the particle effects. So, in After effects, I basically set up the dust clouds like I had before, but with this new camera movement data imported, I could properly synch up the dust so that it would look correct. (this was one of the more complicated shots) The ejection sequences were done in a similar way to the first shot that you mentioned, no Boujou or anything. I made a simple ejection seat, piot, and canopy model for each aircraft in Zaxwerks 3d "Invigorator" plugin for Aftereffects, which is kindof a really poor man's 3d application. I then composited and animated these along with Particles like before, over top of recorded FRAPS footage. hope that helps explain it
  11. Jeez, its been more than a year since I made it and its still getting views. One person uploaded it on the russian youtube and it has like 70,000 some views, and its the 4th rated video in the science & technology category. Its uploaded all over the place. Everywhere except on my own youtube page.:doh:
  12. I wouldn't count on anything big soon. I don't have very much free time to set aside because of school right now, (9 hours of lecture (3 classes) and then 9 hours of lab work a week). On the weekends though I do get a little time to work on stuff, although I'm not really doing anymore simulator "machinima" anymore, since I've been doing alot of stuff in CGI, with Cinema4d. The most I've been able to crank out in the free time that I have are a bunch of test renders/single scene animations. If I had more time I'd probably have put together something new by now, but I just dont have the time.
  13. GA, Awesome. Especially in the sound department:thumbup: The dialouge really adds depth.
  14. AFAIK, they probably do deflect in strange ways in some photos, although whether or not they are bening used as elevators is another question. They're doing that probably as a result of the 'adaptive' FCS, i.e., the pilot puts control inputs through the stick, and the aircraft figures out the best combination of control surface deflections to yield his request. If this means lowering both aelerons, so be it. If you watch closely on some of the better videos out there of it in its post-stall area (when its recovering from a powerloop or doing the "helicopter" yaw-turn) you can see the control surfaces wiggling all over the place.
  15. Good job, I guess it was supposed to be a fighter, and both of its tailbooms were actually designed around two 76mm recoilless rifles. Unfortunately it was underpowered and had poor flight characteristics, as well as the fact that one of the recoilless rifles failed catastrophically on its first firing test.
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