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  1. Load up your SU-25(T) with 8 UB-32 rocket pods, select salvo mode (Ctrl-V) and start firing. Keep firing until "rounds complete".
  2. here you go: DebriefingEventsData.lua
  3. try to download and install the latest DX9: http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=35 there was a known issue with Direct3DCreate9() in older versions that might be what you're seeing here. LE: nevermind, i see you already did that.
  4. No. If you disable it like that all individual firing and hitting events will be dumped in the post briefing log. Your score WILL be registered and calculated. The collating part is VERY relevant to this performance issue. But you don't have to believe my word, just TRY the damn thing and see for yourself. Later Edit: Actually you're right, I double-checked and the score isn't updated. So, just disable checkEventIsNextHitOrShot() which is the culprit for rocket lag, instead of the whole function: function addEvent(event) local result = getEventUseful_(event)
  5. 1) gun sound is 50 cal M2 from P-51 2) ammunition reserve is 250 rounds as opposed to 200 rounds on real Su-25T @1.2.7
  6. there are actually 2 problems here: 1) the well known lagging caused by particle effects (disable using xerxes17's method above) AND 2) the event log. yes, those events that appear in debriefing ("player fired kh-25 ml, player hit outhouse", etc) are the cause of the slowdown when firing rockets. to "fix" open "Scripts\UI\DebriefingEventsData.lua" in a text editor, search for the function "addEvent" and disable it (comment out the function body). it should look like this afterwards: function addEvent(event) --[[ local result = getEventUseful_(event) if result th
  7. when firing the su-25t cannon, planecannon.wav effect is played. when firing the su-25 cannon, gsh301.wav effect is played. since both planes use the same cannon, both planes should use the same effect. if the su-25t cannon fire effect is correct then the su-25 effect isn't. but the plannecannon.wav depicts a slow firing (about 300 rpm) machine cannon while the gsh-30-2 on the su-25 and su-25t fires at 3000rpm so gsh301.wav is more realistic IMHO.
  8. the sound played when firing the gsh-30 from su-25t is a from .50 caliber M2, both from inside and outside. also, gun-related but not sound related: the su-25t only has 200 rounds of gun ammunition, not 250 like the su-25.
  9. actually it is working as expected, the sppu-22 gunpod is only capable of 30 degrees of elevation travel and no traverse so while the computer adjust for elevation, the pilot needs to keep the target aligned horizontally. the sppu-6 (with a 6 barrel 23mm gatling) is the one that can traverse up to 45 deg sideways but it is not present in dcs.
  10. g'day i fly with the mouse, using something like this in the input profile: axisCommands = { {combos = {{key = "MOUSE_Y" }}, action = iCommandPlanePitchDelta, name = "mpitch"}, {combos = {{key = "MOUSE_X" }}, action = iCommandPlaneRollDelta, name = "mroll"}, {combos = {{key = "MOUSE_Z" }}, action = iCommandPlaneThrustCommonDelta, name = "mthrottle"}, }, } endit's the way it worked since at least FC2, maybe even 1. it works with stock su-25t, works with downloadable su-25a, however it does not work with the downloadable a-10a. apparently the new a-10 CWS .dll does not honor incremental i
  11. Are you implying that free equals low quality? Make it for money, then. Though I doubt that would change anything, seeing the endless changelogs for A-10A, FC3, etcetera.
  12. I have to admit: I'm not familiar with a commercial million-lines-of-code software project team that: * did not/made ineffectual use of (some form of) regression testing, as evidenced by the large crop of bugs introduced with each new release. * did not have an effective testing/QA team, as evidenced by regular releases of serious issues that are obious after five minutes of use of the software. * kept on adding (buggy) features and did not fix (well) known issues. * did not provide some form of bug tracking system to it's customers/uses. No, this forum is not a viable bug TRACKER and i
  13. 1.2.6 Tu-22M3 afterburner & LOD glitch FRESH INSTALL of 1.2.6 I would be ASHAMED to release software in such a state. This is something I would expect from version 0.2.6.
  14. fix? navigate to config/weapons open missile_data.lua in a text editor search for "Kh-25MP" (or Kh-58 or AGM-88 etc) fourth line down or thereabouts should be a line like sigma = {10, 10, 10} (or some other numbers). this sets the missile "error" (CEP) in meters, expressed as a cube (ellipsoid?) centered on the object (not quite, see below). adjust this up/down to suit your realism factor. notes: 1) even with this set to {0,0,0}, there is still some error. a hit is not guaranteed with small slant angles. for best results go high and dive the missiles on target. 2) the "hit
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