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  1. All right ... so my problem is somewhere else
  2. HI, With the Huey, @Sotchi ( caucasus ) and @Khasab ( Persian Gulf ), i can use the ILS if and only if the Huey was Hot when spawning AND It was Not possible to use it if i was Cold Starting the UH-1H.
  3. i tried a lot of things. I'll try this one Too and let you know. I also tried to put external power unit on a lil' farp to help my anti ice work better. But i dont know if i can put AntiDust or not. Does it helps or not ?
  4. Yes, My FFB is selected on the F-5 special settings AND i'm flying SIM. No dupplicate Axis is set for Pitch, My Stick is the Only one on pitch axis Line. i'll try without FFB.
  5. I have an issue with the FFB in the F-5. It dont allows me to trim down like the other planes. I mean, the trim gauge is moving but seems like the plane dont understand my stick is not in a pull position. In FFB, the center position is actualy moving as the trim is set ( My real stick in my hand is moving as i trim ). But the F-5 dont understand this correctly and thinks i'm doing a move.
  6. Dont worry man, Babys will always cry for more milk ! Just do you stuff. Real guys will understand !
  7. Hi everyones, I am actualy trying to start a Mi-8 with Cold weather ( -35°C ) and the double Crank per engine doesnt seem to work. Do i need to open the Fuel valve ( The red levers up head ) while Cranking the engine ? Any patch did broke this procedure ?
  8. Asking the same question 2 Weeks after : I want to disable the FLOLS ! How can i ?
  9. I discovered that the flight model was corrupted by a user input adjustment layer ( creator's own settings) and that this prevents me from settings my own curves as I wish. It is very disappointing. Yes the Gazelle is a very agile helicopter but in polyshop one, it is something wrong.
  10. Awesome Guys, thanks for this moment, it was over exciting and:pilotfly: immersive !
  11. Please, telle me more ? HI everyones, i'm coming back to you for a question about the TADIL-C. DO you confirm that , in Heatblur's F-14B, the TADIL-C is limited to 4 planes ?
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