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    Fighter Squadron: Screaming Demons over Europe,
    IL-2 FB+AEP+PF, F-22 ADF, Flanker 1, Jane's USAF, Jane's F/A-18, Lock On + FC and a few others I don't remember right now...
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  1. Very nice pics and formations guys! :D
  2. I guess the pilot had one drink, too many? :P
  3. The one with the secluded hotel between two mountains, right? It was quite an easy mission. Although I managed to "kill" the chopper, by accelerating time (wanted to reach my extraction point faster) and it crashed on a hill, because it didn't turn fast enough. Oops! :D ArmA, like OFP before it, is best in multiplayer with a good squad. :D Problem is that I don't have enough time to play its missions and I opt for BF2 (don't kill me! :P) instead.
  4. Fun thing is, the aircraft carrier on treads was also in the manga Area 88. :P Well, it lasted for a few chapters, I don't remember how it got destroyed though.
  5. Off-topic: Area 88 was also known as "U.N. Squadron" in Europe/US. It was for Arcade coin-ops and the SNES (had it on SNES :P). The series linked by Colt40Five is the remake series, which is the 3rd version of Area 88. :) 1) There was a manga version which is the only complete story (hard to find in english, "found" it in Korean and the english script of the last chapters so I know what happens (in a way...), but the artwork is old manga style, close to Lupin the 3rd :P. 2) The OVA version which was 3 long episodes. Artwork was better than the manga, had a different ending, smalle
  6. Ah yes, SuperKungFu's landing challenge. ;) Just one year ago. :) http://forum.lockon.ru/showthread.php?t=17250 That was a moment of joy when I didn't crash my plane. :D
  7. Been some time since I last checked the forum here. I know you've heard it a million times but: Great video Glowing Amraam! :D I wondered when you'd finally use (I think you hadn't used it so far), the RFAD theme. ;) Black Shark can't come fast enough...
  8. It's been a long time since I've been to the forums (sorry guys, stuff happening around :/). Anyways, the video was awesome, really liked the effects and the whole "you got to be really unlucky for this to happen" story! :D You made my day! :D
  9. More Bill and John! That's good news! :D "Highway to the danger zone, lah lah lah lah lah!" (altitude dropping, plane spinning) ;)
  10. Unless I'm mistaken (and please don't take my head if I am...), even with satellite view on from the mission editor, you can't see how the objects will appear in-game. Although I remember in Flanker that you could. I usually check them by launching the mission. As for agony, I'm trying to create another video too, but I don't have enough inspiration for the scenes. :P
  11. Saw your videos today! :D M2_woohoo sure had lots of moments that you shoud could get into "OWNED!" gifs. ;) Very fun! :D
  12. Not bad! :D My only remark would be that we could hear Bitchin' Betty. :P
  13. Well, until you get tired of praise, keep making those great movies! :D Although the modern MI theme isn't my fav, the rest of the movie is great and you have some very impressive shots as usual! :D
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