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  1. Hello Mate Sorry I`ve just done my tax return ! :). It was just an example of a traversing axis using a linear pot. I had thought of making a flexi site doing something similar. Your project sounds great and if I can add anything usefull I will. Good luck.
  2. I thought you might of been interested in the hardware not which module I use it with. But I won`t bother next time.
  3. Hi Hannibal Sounds great I`ve made loads of bits and pieces for control inputs. I currently have a converted paper guillotine with a liniar pot for my FA18 throttle.
  4. I`m having similar problems. I use a combination of two 7 port powered hubs and direct USBs on the motherboard. Sometimes it can drop a device but in the last couple of days it has become very frequent. I thought it might have somthing to do with Windows 10 rather than DCS.
  5. I thought when they said most realistic simulation of a carrier they meant from a pilots perspective. Not a detailed inner workings including radar ops etc.
  6. Hat I`ve programmed it to a hat switch at the mo and it works great.
  7. Fantastic ! Hi all Got my Crosswinds about 14 days ago and have blown my brains out in the Huey. Absolutely fantastic!. Great service. Great product. Thank you very much Milan :pilotfly:
  8. Hi all I have a one second freeze at 49 seconds after the start of a mission then it doesn`t freeze any more. It seems that if AVG is running even though the DCS folders are set as exceptions it does the one second freeze. If I disable AVG and its`s Firewall no freeze. Thor I think this might be your problem too as it`s not so easy to notice during a start up but if you start in the air it`s really obvious. I too have the stutter but it seems unrelated to the freeze.
  9. Bear in mind you have to wait quite a while to get pemission to taxing because of the number of flights in front of you. I thought there was still a problem but once all the flights were airborne you will get permission.
  10. YeHa Just played mission 3 after latest update and it played perfectly :gun_rifle:
  11. Hi Guys Gotta chime in here. The seat is fantastic and Andre doessn`t mess about. It couldn`t of got to me quicker if it was dropped off a Bear and if I forget to switch it on the A10 seems lifeless. Thanks Andre great service , great product !.
  12. Hey Colyoap Thanks I tried opening the mission in the editor and the campaign bumped me back to mission 2. Cheers Aracas
  13. Mission 3 Hi all. I do my start ups at the beggining of mission 3, I ask for and get permission to start engines from ATC but then I can`t get permission to taxi and my wing man won`t follow me to the runway. I`m using normal comms not easy comms and have no problem contacting tower in 1.5. Many thanks
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