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  1. Just a quick reminder that the HOTAS pinkie switch controls the lights as well. I bound Exterior Off and Panel Config to my joystick for easily killing the lights when I am clear the airport. Sent from my Nexus 9 using Tapatalk
  2. This is great! Just one request, a zip file for us lazy folk. Thanks
  3. Map the zoom axis to it. Like july865 said if you have a joystick with a slider make that the zoom axis. VERY HELPFUL!
  4. These links are basically the same thing, the first is a mod so it can be easily done and undone if needed. To implement this, download and install modman. Then in modman go to Mod Installer, Add the ZIP, then click install. ModMan is a must have program for DCS:BS and LoMac. Otherwise open up the scripts mention in a text editor and make the changes yourself.
  5. I have an Asus destop with an i7 (factory overclocked but no more) and it runs any game so far without a hickup, the 9gb of ram helps too. $1200 online at BB
  6. I use a track ir and have a x52pro with the slider set for zooming. This really helps with finding buttons in the cockpit and quickly zooming out. The one thing that bothers me is that the helmet mounted sight is not aligned with the center point when using the zoom. When I have the sight on and try to zoom in to get a better view of the target, the sight is slightly higher than the center point and disappears when zooming in. Some may say that zooming is unrealistic, but in reality you have a much higher field of view and clarity of image then on my little 20’ monitor. Are there any mo
  7. I just installed FC2 (download version) and would like to know if I can now uninstall LoMac1.12 or if I need to keep it. Thanks
  8. There is no Touchbuddy software that supports these platforms right now. Windows Mobile 5 or newer would be the best bet via activesync because it creates a network connection to your computer. Since the software is closed sourced it seems to be at the whim of the developers to come up with other software versions.
  9. Agreed, I actually use the Buttkicker. http://www.thebuttkicker.com/ButtKicker%20Gamer_home.html To feel the chair rattle and get a kick in the arse when you hit the AB is sensation you have to feel to believe. It really adds to the sim even when you use headphones.
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