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  1. Thanks for the feedback Finnster, I did not think of the wind factor so will check to see what those conditions are.
  2. Hi DD_Fenrir, Not at the moment. I am practicing landings today and if I can't resolve it I will post one. Thanks for your reply. Cats . . .
  3. Jaffa, I really enjoyed your sound mods. Best anywhere and always the most realistic inside and outside the cockpit. Sorry to hear that you left the SIM. Best to you!
  4. For me, I can do a perfect curved approach at the correct speed crossing the threshold, correct pitch and power settings, touchdown is very good, roll out is good UNTIL, near the end of the roll-out it will suddenly veer - usually to the right and the left wing digs in. Frustrated - any hints much appreciated. Cheers
  5. Should be installed in Saved Games Open Beta . . . . etc. Per ED recommendations for Mods!
  6. IMHO, No. My screen is native 1440 and I have had to reduce to 1080 to see the pixels better. Higher resolution will make the dots and image even smaller.
  7. Hello, I downloaded from my original post unpacked and placed the .trk file in Saved Games/xx/Tracks. Selected Replay from the main DCS page clicked through to where it is saved and it works fine. Aircraft flown is a P47-D40. You can also see the issue in the Spitfire IX forum where pics are posted.
  8. Already reported as a graphics issue. No mods and shows in the Train mission with other WWII aircraft.
  9. Quick Mission P-47 Train Train is invisible. Only the smoke from the train is showing moving down the track. Shooting the smoke provides no positive results. Thanks Invisible Train.zip
  10. Big orange and multicoloured flash across the screen momentarily flying the P-47 on the Channel map. Had it many times over the last month and is intermittant. No files to send. Just reconfirming what others have seen. No mods being used.
  11. Agreed, I think there is a metal plate on the dashboard or somewhere that says specifically that!
  12. Hi alejo68 Supercharger (auto) will kick in at the appropriate altitude. So you can leave it on. You can leave the RPM at 2850 for continuous operation without difficulties. Except for landing - reduce to 2500 to avoid too high a torque response if you have to throttle up on final. Try not to fly with very high power or RPM when under 200 mph, it will overheat the engine and also create ping and blow the engine. If you are thinking about war emergency power (WEP), throttle full forward and select fine pitch. (high RPM) Then hang on. The OP offered an opinion u
  13. I adjust the IPD so the size of the cockpit stick/throttle matches the size of my desktop mounted stick/throttle. For me, 20.
  14. Ah, an example of SWMBO - She Who Must Be Obeyed.
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