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  1. That's true, there's a problem with modman 6. This come from the dds compression I used to make a small add on... I will post a correct version within the 24 hours (I've just install modman6 now, and will test) and make a post here when it's done. Very sorry for the inconvenience. The other way, with modman 6, is to extract the cdds files from the add on into bmp. Then, you can install it manually or edit the package...
  2. Hi ! The su30 skins are designed to be in the mod only. The main reason is that I've worked on the su30 templates from Flanker. I've separate the colored layer in three, and then I've worked on the colours to match something close to the original one. My second touch is a special weathering, added to those present on the template. The last one is the roundels and the "Hawk". This was a good exercise for me to "understand" the skinning of a su30. I'm happy if this can bring a little help to the outstanding job of Hubman, Barbsman and the others... I still work on the skins, specially f
  3. A new skin available on Check six. Splinter blue found in an official booklet for the su-35. As close as possible from the "real" one (I think there is no real plane with this camo, only 3d models...), with more weathering... The original template is from Flanker. Will install in slot 2 with modman. Hope you'll enjoy... Comments and critics are welcome... This is the "box art" : And some views : 6 months of personal evolution : Before the final weathering : PS. This is wapanomi talking... 1895nicolas is an older name...
  4. I think the reapainting of the Kuz is a good idea. I consider the question for my french camo of the su-33, but most of all I dream of a chinese "kuz", that could be more than a dream : the varyag looks near completion (and not to become a casino) and there are more than rumors for chinese su-33's... I've found the file with the name of the ship and different elements in the cdds, but if there are others who are interested, or someone who made a template, maybe could we share informations ?
  5. ;) I had it in mind, of course...
  6. French camo ; one pack with russians numbers and roundels plus bonus : white/blue variation ; one with special nomera with grey numbers and french aeronavale roundels. Available on "check six" here : http://www.checksix-fr.com/bibliotheque/index.php?page=detail&ID=5314 http://www.checksix-fr.com/bibliotheque/index.php?page=detail&ID=5320 hope you'll enjoy. All comments and critics are welcome.
  7. Ok, and thanks ! I plan to make the "same" scheme on a Su-30 (but I'm still modifying the flanker's template that I use), and will use the photos to make this one as accurate as possible. I had Federal Standard references of the colours, and the good colours for the skin are somewhere between those and the colour I finally choose. Yes, especially since I use lots of 2048 skins... Btw, I've one little question, send it to your MP.
  8. @ all : thanks ! @ Roi Danton : the weathering on this one is light. I use some (not all) of the layers from the flanker's template, and add my own, three layers per colour (one for the general aspect, and one for the structures). I intended to make a look "used" but not dirt. I'm happy with the result here, but I can progress a lot... The alignement in some parts is really good because I've made a pattern. For the rest, I think it is good. Actually, I work on a Mac, so I must reboot each time I want to test my modifications... @ Cosmonaut : thanks for the pictures. I knew the first o
  9. Hi ! My second camo : the scheme of the venezuelian Su-30 on a su-27. I made it blue, though some references says the real one is shades of grey. Hope you enjoy ! The original template is from "Flanker", with minor modifications... You can download it here : http://www.checksix-fr.com/bibliotheque/index.php?page=detail&ID=5294 Two versions : with and without markings.
  10. Tanks for the comments. I already try, but not happy with the result 'til now. But I will with shades of blue and post here some screens so you can see by yourself. I keep you informed.
  11. Thanks ! I think the splinter scheme is the erythrean. They have su-27 since their Mig 29 were shot down by ethyopian Su's. I plan to do it soon ! Other great camo's on the same site : http://br.geocities.com/alvmaia/Sukhoi/
  12. So... Hi everyone ! Nice to post here. I present you my first attempt in the world of skinning. It's the real camo of an angolan su-27. I use the template of Flanker, found on lockonskins. Light modifications, but he still does the great work :music_whistling: There are lot of better skins, but I can't work on this one for several weeks... I had to learn everything, including photoshop... I will maybe upgrade it with the su-30 camo. You can find it on http://www.checksix-fr.com/bibliotheque/index.php?page=detail&ID=5277 Two skins, with and without markings. Comments are welco
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