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  1. Really enjoying campaign so far and only up to mission 3. Feels very realistic with my oculus rift. Love the voice overs Well done baltic dragon great so far.
  2. Had a great first few free flights in 2.5 in vr flying up the valleys around Batumi and all I can say is wow good job with eye candy up high and down low. tried. A10C. Spit. huey. m 2000 Also I cant say what fps I had cos I didn't turn it on:
  3. Just like to say great missions. Only up to mission 3 which I have flown about 10 times trying to get my head around inputting coordinates. I have been flying/quitting then watching youtube then restarting mission and trying again:) Good stuff thanks. I have learnt so much about the cdu.
  4. Just tryed these. I could not get track ir to work:( just gone back to 13.1. track ir worked again.
  5. Great stuff. Been looking waiting for something like this for ages.many thanks:).
  6. cults


    Have a good one m8.
  7. Just an update. All has been sorted out now. Got there in the end. Thanks all.:D
  8. maybe they think we are scammers? Only thing i can think of tbh. Great pr guys.
  9. A other week bites the dust. Still heard nothing.
  10. Hello. Right lets start at start. 28/7/2012 i summited a ticket asking would it be possible to get more activations for BS 1 as i needed it to activate bs 2 upgrade. Btw before i bought Bs2 upgrade i didnt know i had only 1 more activation left for BS. But that was my fault for never using deactvation. hands up:P. 22/8/2012 From Tez (Alexander Sobol) at 22.08.2012 16:52:43 Greetings, We shall replace your serial number. But it can take a day or two. We shall notify you here after the new S/N is added. Now about 2 weeks ish ago i posted about not hearing or getting new
  11. Thats looks very tidy:D Did u make your self or buy?
  12. Erm. What about a resolved ticket or said to be resolved ticket that may take a few days that has turned into five nearly six weeks and still waiting? Cant see any posts about that.
  13. Yeah i have be trying ethereal was still same old s/n. Thanks for looking into for me.
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