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  1. What is normally the best way of creating models? At the moment I am basically doing a flat poly and extruding it ect. The other method I know of but never used is creating a box and modifying it ect.
  2. Ah ok. I thought it was a bug because it seemed as though i was centering the controls. Plus sometimes it worked fine and other times it didnt. Guess i will have to get used to the new trimmer. Yes i could use the old one but in a way i prefer the new one.
  3. Problems that i encounter so far: 1) ABRIS is loading much slower on the map screen. 2) When i trim the cyclic, the cyclic will lock into that position and i can not move it. The only way for me to undo this is to centre trim with the keyboard command.
  4. That is awsome. Great detail. I do have a couple of questions since im a nub to modeling, 1) How did u do the panels on the side and front of the aircraft. Did you do that by modeling or is it the render? 2) Also how do you do the interior of the cockpits?
  5. Ok here is my car model so far. Aint don alot of work to it for a while. There isnt a tutorial for the bonnet of the car, so i had to try and do that myself. Still some work to do on it. Just trying to complete the car, then add details to it at a later date. I think it is turning out rather good compared to before. :D
  6. Those digital tutor videos are awsome for beginners. Im using it myself at the moment. My car is coming along nicely, i will upload a few pics when I nearly finished it. Once thats done ill try doing an aircraft. Probz the eurofighter lol. Might take make me a long time to do.
  7. I got a quick question. I download the new software and went to conifigure it but I cant use shift+f12 to centre the trackir, yet i can do this with the old software. Anyone know how to fix this?
  8. The real Ed Macy? Great to see you here. Must say that the book Apache you wrote was truly awsome! Really makes you feel inside the cockpit of the Apache. Can not wait untill your next book. Would be awsome to fly with you in the virtual skies :) Edit to other members: Why wont this forum let me make paragraphs??
  9. I wait till the light extinguishes then I start the second engine. The APU is on untill untill all engines are started and at 100% then i switch it off. With the gear lowing here are some screenshots below. Below shows the alternate hydoulics for the gear. I did numerouse times moving the gear up and down but still did not work. The EKRAN just said it was hydroulic failure. http://img527.imageshack.us/img527/4146/screenshot004z.jpg I also switched the main hyrdoulics from main to general then tried the steps in the above screenshot. Also you can see I had to fly with no autopilot hel
  10. I have this problem sometimes when I go to start the right engine it will just not start. I have started the blackshark many times and only sometimes i get this problem. Firstly, i make sure all the fuel, engine governers are one ect I then start APU, then i start left engine, at around 1800RPM i turn on the red fuel shutoffs. I repeat the start for the right engine, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesnt. Oh and BTW. I was flying online today and had a hyrdoulic failure and the gear would not come down. So i flicked the switch for the backup hydroulics next to the gear leaver but it wouldn
  11. Download link is not working for me.
  12. I have ordered it a few days ago. Aint recieved it yet but thats probably due to the bank holiday.
  13. EXCELENT! I got a nice little collection going so far of ur movies lol
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