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  1. Last I used mine I didnt like so much sticktion either. Im going to check some videos to see if some Solvent lube like WD 40 can be shot somewhere on the outside to compromise the grease.
  2. That is good to hear. I think I am coming back to the game in a month or so. Did you use the saitek software for set up or just set up everything from scratch using in game settings. ?
  3. The Problem is back. Its popping up alot today. Played around with Black Shark a few times today. Tried leaving a profile on in the green Rhino. Tried Cleared. Its still popping explorer. WTF? :mad: I got a clue this morning! I heard the windows connect sound for no reason. Twice last couple days. Checked event viewer. Found many disk # has surprised removed 1. It is the game disk that has been opening in file explorer window. 2. When the error happened this morning it did not pop open the file explorer window. 3. Drive is a Intel SSD S3500 enterprise drive. MB is a Asus Sabert
  4. I had to turn off the Antivirus program. Then it would profile and work! WTF! Support wants me to send screenshots after a week of questions. Never again. I also found out that I have to " Clear " the green Rhino in the lower right or it will occasionally pop open file explorer....in my face. WTF! ??
  5. The problem was gone for about 7 days. It has returned. I am going to turn off " hit clear " on the Green Rhino icon in the lower right. The software is closed but the icon was green rhino with a profile selected. Maybe that was bringing up File Explorer. It pops up the full window so I have to click it to get rid of it. Very annoying! %5Bimg%5Dhttps%3A//i.imgur.com/jhHrykV.jpg[/img] Black Shark in the 86 folder. DCS World in the other folder. Steam is other game and not related to my DCS Software. All DCS Software is Retail Download from DCS directly.
  6. There are some profile made by other people that I would like to try and maybe use. Im sorry but I expected the Supplied Profile in the Profile Pack and your software to...work. I have read reviews that the X55 Worked and I know that procedure for adding profiles to the computer and Profiling. When that works, I assume the Test Box will also work so we can test and make sure the hardware and programming is working. Yes I bought it new less than a month ago. The latest software is from June 2017. Yes Downloaded from your site. What is on your website does not work as advertised...period. I c
  7. Last night everything got deleted. Loaded the new 2.5 Beta last night. This morning the problem is gone. I still have to load the Logitech x56 software.
  8. Yes Everything is stock. I am using a clean Windows 10 pro install. I know G940 people worked with DCS on that stick and I bought one of those too. I am disappointed that there seems to be a lack of working together on the release of X56 and installation with DCS World. I dont know who is to blame but if both companies want to sell product I think it behooves them to work together. I also hope you fired who ever green lighted the poorly engineered Tension system for the throttle. I can say it finally made me make a system to allow a bolted down and adjustable controls base system but WTH. Th
  9. Logitech G910 Spektrum keyboard kinda new. Something is hitting the Drive letter to my Game Drive. It just happened again every 3-4 hours. This time Logitech X56 software was off. DCS World off. Not an antivirus or cleaner problem. Trust me this was not happening until I loaded up DCS World 2.5 OK So I check for preinstalled software. DCS World from Oct 2017 AND DCS World 2 Open Alpha June 20 2017. Of course new DCS World Open Beta I think I will blow it all away and load it from scratch. I am not going to put up with this crap. Maybe something to do with why I cant profile the
  10. Shut down the logitech x56 software last night . Closed out of DCS last night and this morning again. Something has clicked my game drive and file explorer is open on that drive. WTF
  11. Ever since I have installed the 2.5 beta. Something in the software is randomly popping open FILE EXPLORER Where DCS is. I have DCS loaded onto a separate Game SSD Drive. So it is not with the OS. In the morning File Explorer box is open on my game drive. I have also recently install a X56 but I dont think that is causing it? That software is installed on the OS drive. I will add more about how this is happening for the next week or two. I hope we can find out what is opening up that drive and causing file explorer to open up on that drive. It opens up to show all the folders on th
  12. Just tried again to register an account at Logitech. The screen changed and now wants a screen name. No screen name in the world will let you register an account. It keeps giving an error that the screen name cannot be used. Who is running Logitech? Highschool kids?
  13. tothesky


    Check this out maybe it willhelp https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/1018080/?sphrase_id=9076585
  14. Bought one. Dl the stock profile X56 Lock On Profile. I hit the PROFILE button in the software and get a dialog box. " an unknown error has occurred. The device has not been profiled. " Yes the profile is loaded in upper right corner. Lock On X56 . I am rusty and coming from a dusty sold G940. I am not sure what to do. 1. Disappointed that I can load this Lock on Profile but cant complete this step and setup other options. 2. Frustrated that there are no clear instructions about adjusting the ingame settings to what can be programmed in the Software. The Software seems the way t
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