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  1. Currently no, but I used to compile Linux and HP UX USB drivers for enterprise machines, but no offence D4N, anyone with basic IT tech skills could explain this to you.
  2. This is a windows and gamepad driver issue. ED cannot possibly fix this as your gamepad is using a windows generic gamepad. Been through this so many times already. just unplug any usb controller you dont want to use with DCS. In fact This is true for any sim!!!
  3. You flagged this thread as solved. There is nothing ED can do to help you remove your unused gamepad before you launch DCS. What happened to your reminder script?
  4. You are probably one of the only DCS players with multiple accounts to bypass server bans, so this would most likely be extremely low priority!
  5. Yes I stand corrected. 6rpm long range 12 rpm short range. Apparently, default is 12rpm for more frequent scans for incoming missiles, so still not a bug.
  6. AN/SPS-49 Has two rotation speeds, 6 Rpm (short range) and 12 rpm (long range) The Tarawa in your video, is leaving dock so it would most likely be set to short range. not a bug
  7. That is my question to you! What server is asking for the removal of smoke in game?
  8. ahhhhh!!!!! ok first the names are actually of the cities, BUT yes the missing icon seems to be a map bug from long ago (I think even since DCS 2.0 came out). They seem to appear/disappear at various zoom levels. But this isn't an MP bug, it's a map bug that is present in SP or MP.
  9. ok.. I don't see any hostile icons. what are we supposed to see? Actually i don't have Normandy map loaded so I can't see your track, so we might not even be talking about the same thing.
  10. you have it right there, third option F10 View options This info was also given to you in the previous thread you posted.
  11. Because I spent 5 years working with the military (as a contractor) and only one of those terms actually make sense, but only without the hyphen. As written, nothing you wrote is used in any context. Where did you find/make up these words from?
  12. Now take each of those words (most of which don't exist or never used by the military) and use it in " Unit AD SEARCHLIGHT " on/off
  13. AD in military term always means Air Defence. All military implement AD into their branches. For your Dutch army, it would be Korps Luchtdoelartillerie. You should have looked it up before posting this in bug section.
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