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  1. RWRs are not classified BUT to talk about specifics can potentially be. And who are you waiting for????? I seriously doubt a former military "RWR engineer" is going to be allowed to comment here. Just open s new thread in 20 years.
  2. So the answer is no. But I find it absolutely fascinating that the forum on your link posted the exact same question just two days before you posted this. We can close this thread.
  3. Well if you don't understand it, I'll leave it at that. Do you have anything relevant to add to the discussion?
  4. Please put the entire statement in context. "Fighter/attack jets do not monitor freqs to monitor radio emission from hostiles. That falls under Electronic warfare. "
  5. Again NOTHING to do with IFF interrogation. To quote the article: "modern RWR systems (such as ALR-94 , ASQ-239 , Spectra) are capable of classifying the source of the radar by the signal’s strength, phase and waveform type, and even capable of pinpointing the exact location of a ground threat. " So I will ask you again for proof that any RWR picks up IFF interrogation. Not hypotheticals, not theoreticals, not guesses,PROOF.
  6. Does this graphic glitch occur when you place the EWR off the actually runway?
  7. I've already said I am sure there are some EW aircraft that do pickup all sorts of RF signals,possibly even IFF interogations from non nato planes. The question was do NATO RWR pick up and triangulate these signals. answer is no.
  8. You should never plug or unplug a USB controller regardless of the game engine while the game is loaded and running. Always do it prior to loading while in an options menu. Hotplugging USB controllers is not really supported by any sim/game that I know of. Even if some do allow it without causing issues, you just should not do it.
  9. Seems like no one actually answered the question. In game the Roland is the blue side "equivalent" to the red side TOR but is less effective. For some reason in DCS most Red SAMs are far superior to the blue equivalent (for all short, medium and long range SAMs).
  10. click that person's name to bring up their profile and click on see their activity.
  11. Sorry dude. The issue will persist if you keep a non supported controller plugged in when running DCS. Easiest fix for all you non-bug bug reports you have ever posted.
  12. Absolute BS! AN/ALR-67 (In the Harrier) nor the AN/APG-73 in most other NATO planes in DCS do no such thing. . It is completely irrelevant even if in 2021 the military has installed a system to identify and triangulate non NATO military IFF. Why? because none of these systems are in any plane we currently have in DCS. But I seriously doubt this is the case, so the ball is in YOUR court, to PROVE it exists, not just by your "hunch". Provide the RWR model that does what Daniel is asking about. What NATO RWR identifies and traingulates non-nato IFF interrog
  13. Why not? The N could be the default screen just prior to BIT. If BIT doesn't run, N indicates complete failure.
  14. Still has nothing to do with RWR picking up anything other than radar. It does not pick up IFF interrogation. Fighter/attack jets do not monitor freqs to monitor radio emission from hostiles. That falls under Electronic warfare.
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