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  1. I have 3 MFDs with monitors, I export VDI, HSD and RWR, as F-14 Pilot, is there a trick that I can export to the same locations as VDI / HSD (same screens) DDD, TID, when I'm occupying F-14 RIO seat? If I put all of them in my multimonitor lua - I get overlapping graphics, DDD renders on top of VDI etc. Is there a way to put "if" condition there, so that only proper screens export when proper seat occupied? Many Thanks in advance! Good topic!
  2. Hi guys, I'm looking if there is a way for code in Export.lua to know if VR setting is on? Or maybe which monitor preset is selected or anything of that regard, maybe graphical option? Thanks in advance!
  3. What kind of FPS do you guys have when using Quest2? Do you have smooth head movement in cockpit? Thanks! I got Quest2 and link cable and trying to tune to acceptable quality / performance on RTX 2080 Super, i7 4990ks 5GHz, 64Gb RAM
  4. I made a VR Friendly prop mod for FW-190 A-8, and other warbirds too. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3310681/ But yeah, would love to see it as an option in game.
  5. Руль направления влипает в геометрию руля высоты при полной даче левой / правой педали
  6. Investigated a bit further, if joystick to which buttons assigned have a name "F-16 MFD 2" - then above mentioned bug happens, when device is renamed, in my case via TM Cougar MFD drivers, for example to "F-16 MFD 4" - bug disappears. It's very strange but seems that it has to do with some default bindings for Cougar MFDs conflicting? In any way, hope it might be useful for someone.
  7. At extremes of animation for left/right rudder - rudder itself goes through elevator geometry, doesn't look good, very visible especially in VR. It's simple mistake but motion range should be adjusted to avoid it. Happens on every P-47, please fix.
  8. Version Open Beta Some buttons stopped working in latest Beta when assigned to joystick (works with keyboard shortcuts and clickable in cockpit). Example of button that don't work: - Display mode air to ground - Display mode landing - STEER CMD TACAN - STEER CMD AWL/PCD - STEER CMD VEC Funnily other Display modes and STEER CMD work. Also, what found: - VDI Mode TV - VDI Mode Norm - HSD Mode TID - HSD Mode NAV - HUD Declutter On - HUD Declutter Off - Lights Hook Bypass CARRIER - Lights Hook Bypass FIELD - HUD AWL ILS - HUD AWL ACL - Night Vision Goggles
  9. Incredible work Barthek! Thank you very much!
  10. I still have this app on my "old" iPad, any chance for updated Export.lua? Thanks!
  11. Try to turn taxi lights on a Tomcat at night - it's pitch black, and doesn't illuminate at all, you can barely see from external camera when it's on
  12. From the cockpit you can't see anything at all... You can vaguely distinguish if they are on or off, but it doesn't lit up anything...
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