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  1. Thx for the support guys. Brewber Im a great fan of the russian aircrafts. Most of the time I fly the SU-27. So I will connect tou your server and will logon to teamspeak to. You will see me on in the evening times. Cu there thx for all the support guys
  2. Thx guys. Are the servers patched to 1.12a? Or all 1.1?
  3. I had to problem to twice. With me it had to do with USB 2.0 (legacy). When the legacy was turned on in the bios I had this excact same problem. I turned it off downloaded the latest motherboard usb drivers. Installed them actived usb legacy again and problem was fixed try it out.
  4. Hi guys. Im new to the community. Im in but a little late took me a while to check out this game and get rid of all my WW2 flightsims So im here to start all over again. I already played all missions in the game. So im looking for the multiplayer part now. I got everything installed hypperlobby, teamspeak etc. But I wanna know how I can fasten up my learning curve you guys got any tips? Thank you in advance! Deno
  5. Thank you for this I sended my e-mail to all of them so they all know of it :thumbup: I hope my dad and I can play it soon! Would be awesome. Thanks again. And cu in the sky!
  6. I bought a retail box and manual with my other account (cant get on the forum with that account) Username is Rambi. But I have payed on the 28th of may. The transaction history said my FC and manual where send after 3 days. But after 2 weeks of w8ting nothing has arrived yet. Is the package lost or something? Or does this take so long with everyone? Thank you in advance.
  7. Sorry my Trans number: 00000150-D741-0001-0000-0EC3C453873E Hi there, I had to make this new account because my old 1 wasnt registered to the forums. But 3 Days ago I Ordered flamming cliffs on CD. And the manual. I payed true PROTX. And had an e-mail the transaction was succesfull. But when I check payments in my other account I see The 2 products giving the state "Processing". But when I Look at Total payments I see that the amount I needed to pay is payed. What does that Processing mean? Does it means you guys are busy sending it? Thx in advance
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