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  1. Предложение по сайту... по магазину, по кормильцу.. в котором чёрт ногу сломит, не дойдет до конца и вообще устанет видеть 50% в описании КАЖДОГО модуля REQUIREMENTS шрифтом 1:1 с описанием. За сим, для нашего* удобства и всеобщего благополучия**: 1) требования, условия и инстукции - под кат! 2) каждому продукту 1+3 картинки, та что большая с ротацией 3) переключалку всего раздела в режим галлереи (большие фотки самолётов) 4) фильтр на не показ купленного! 5) сортировка по свежести, популярности, скидкам 10500) ваших собственных идей, слямзенного под копирку и прочей моти
  2. Пока мы все ждем билд с новыми облаками, можем насладиться видео-рядом с одного "домашнего" проекта UHawk VR PS Поддержим товарища за успехи в "графике" (не топим за реализм) PPS обещаю потратить бонус за рекомендацию на модули, если товарищ когда нибудь станет сотрудницать с ЕД
  3. RTX3080 has showed us that "CPU is a limit now". Hopefully it will change with future generations or iterations of games (arma4/dcs-vulkan). Fast and cool 6-8cores will become more important.
  4. Thanks for the useful feedback! Lets hope for a good news about Vulkan+VR by end of this year.
  5. "Vulkan has demonstrated to be very efficient in High Object Count Rendering Scenes (ie Flight Sims w/ Large View Distances), DirectX12, Not So Much" Tiled Recourse of DirectX 11.2 (2013) Bundles and other features "free GPU" features of DirectX12 (2014) ..and recent DirectStorage https://devblogs.microsoft.com/directx/directstorage-is-coming-to-pc/ (2020) all of them seem to be in favor of "large distance" sims. "Choosing DX12, would Shut Out Windows 7 and Windows 8 Users, Vulkan would allow those users to continue to use DCS." Vulkan might be a faster and more "rebel" way to
  6. This is long running benchmark. Intel can only do bursts to 5.3, making sure there are less drops/stutter. AMD can only boost one core to 4.6-4.9 Intel can have all cores boost (Vulkam welcomes it). In theory, Intel still maybe the king for games.
  7. In other VR games there is less game-play benefit in going into extra/unlimited details. In flight and especially military sims it is the case. Newly available Vive PRO and Pimax 5K/8K VR solutions are moving the boundaries, while (single) GPU can't keep up. Both Nvidia and AMD got their implementations of multi-GPU rendering for VR. There are tech/demos/games about it, means it is possible. It is matter of priorities and resources (people coding 3D engine are different to 3d modelling or simulation coders). Considering military customers, multi-gpu rendering (one per vr-eye) would be extre
  8. Great thread. Can somebody please start: 2018 Hardware Benchmark - DCS World 2.5.x ?
  9. VR and Leap Motion can make it to ARMA3 soon
  10. No worries. Leap solutions will be back, so nobody knows what might happen. Secondly, at least mouse emulation is possible. Not so immersive yet very practical. Gestures might be useful too. Sorry for the o offtopic
  11. Attaching a touch-controller to a simple mechanical stick and throttle (with wider than joystick range of motion) would actually do it! But hard-core would prefer replicas and FFB of course. A of hands/gloves (hints from Vive), there is solution 4 years in market and solid SDK. I am ready to send as many LeapMotion controllers to EagleDynamics as needed to get its support into beautiful and detailed cockpits world.
  12. OC1 is cheaper and lighter. And you don't need wait for gloves LeapMotion is cheap and SDK is there, ready to be "sold" to DCS devs.
  13. Ok, let me give some exampels and you will give us yours. 1) Performance of 1.5 is nowhere near 2.0alpha and not enough for VR. If you turn everything off and fly above cloulds - you may use it. But down low - it stutters with little or no action. That's why Matt Wagner has outlined that soon we will get Black Sea region in 2.0 with butter-smooth 60+ fps 2) DCS is not about BVR alone. Fire a quick CAS mission on A-10. Try to spot ground targets. You got to be 5 times closer (face the barrel) to do so, compared to 2.0 Both, because of masking terrain and it's quality (low res, slow engine
  14. I do have Oculus and been following it since DK1. I had to uninstall DCS1.5 because I'm not interested in non-VR. Dogfight in 109 is nightmare compared to F-15/Su-27. Mig-15 is small too, but at least these jets are not so meneuravable. I've spent too many hours in VR (mostly in AssettoCorsa), but gladly eyes get LESS tired compared to monitors. If you don't know what gadget or upgrade spend your money on - look no further. Otherwise I would wait at least 6 months for Vega/4K news. 150% resolution will do it.
  15. 1) Don't try VR now, it's too addictive and you will unable to resist. 2) Don't spend you last money on it. It is not ready for DCS (see below) A-10 over Nevada is ok. Dogfight in latest jets is fine! BVR is edgy. DCS1.5 is usless (fps on GTX-1080), green Crimea is nighmare and will be in DCS2. WW2 is nightmare (they a tiny / hard to spot!) 3) If you are into SimRacing - go and sell everything, go starving but get VR now! This is next level to simulation (and FPS with wireless module). And we are on edge of VR ver1.5 when 4K will arrive Gladly, there 2 strong players and many more c
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