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  1. About the last update and DCS 2.7 Will this version add smart scaling or something similar, so people we have monitor 27" 4K and 2k will be able to see bandits in dogfight? or our wingmen when we are formation in line abreast 2 miles? This is a must in a combat sim.
  2. Clouds looks really cool, but if they are not synchronized in MULTIPLAYER, they are just atrezzo...
  3. Hi, lot of months ago, i read in a Newsletter that ED was working in a huge improve of fps in VR. Any news about this?
  4. In night operations, why signalmen do not use the luminous sticks? Like in second 30 of this video:
  5. I know, but mod puts texture of a Tomcat super new. I mean something intermediate, which is also realistic.
  6. The texture of cockpit is too old, so is difficult to see some words. I know it´s because of use, but can you add the possibility to choose Textures not too old? Not new one, but something intermediate.
  7. Thanks for this module, i hope you keep doing this great job!
  8. I have a 25" 2560 x 1440 and a 27" 4K and it´s very difficult to see
  9. Rikus


    Hi, the mirror of the middel shows the pilot. I don´t want to see me, i need to see whats at my six so it´s possible to add the option to click in the mirror and move higher to have a better visual off our six?
  10. Hi, can someone upload a profile por the Rhino x55? Thanks!
  11. Best wishes for you Cobra. Can someone put the link to this please?
  12. Sad to not see "Visibility model" I can´t see any contacts in my 25"1440p and 27" 4K monitors... So i wont buy nothing till you fix this.
  13. I can´t see a shit at 2 miles, sometimes contact also disappear, this sim is dead for me
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