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  1. when you do a "carrier landing", the aircraft's heading line always has an angle against it's track, i mean in horizontal level, i think it not the real heading, probably caused by the carrier's runway has an angle against its body. check the acmi file. Tacview-20060903-094241.acmi.rar
  2. The ACMI for LOFC is a great and powerful tool. it is very helpful on airfight analyse and team work, yes this is what it was born for. But as it's a simulation, i think it can have another purpose -- Aerobatic training. one problem is the fight track ro fight path now is a curve, it is deficient to show the rolling of the aircraft. i think it will be nice using a belt to show the fight path while different color indicateing the upper and lower side(just like the pic shows). holp add an selection for the fight path in next version!
  3. ;) just be interest in not meant using it(even not think about i would own it:pilotfly: )
  4. i guess it only have NAV mode. how to communicate between this device and the game, is there an interface?
  5. it is a great job. but it seems don't record the gun fire if doing a dogfight, i would not get any log about guns firing, i wonder if its possible to add the guns fire record.
  6. Maybe is an F-15 mod, the plane model is F-14 and the cockpit is F-15,not so much fun i think.
  7. in my opinion,it will pitch down if Mirage 2000 doing like this. totally contrary to nature!
  8. i watched several videos and movies, it seems like Mirage2000's flaps are not moving very much during take off or landing, just like the pic nscode posted.
  9. in the LOFC it seems that Mirage2000 drop the flaps fully down in the landing operation. i wonder if the real Mirage2000 doing landing like this?
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