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  1. I found a solution to this problem. In the Windows settings (Win+I) go to privacy settings -> microphone and set "let apps access your microphone" to on. After changing this setting, i was able to select different devices as input / output in DCS.
  2. Since the update to Windows 10 1909 i have the same problem, only "default" is available as voice chat input / output. When Windows 10 was still on 1803, both sound cards were listed in the drop down menu.
  3. *bump* Please add this to the bugtracker.
  4. Yes it will take some time, my first trys with hovering the Huey were all over the place. It is a bit like riding a bicycle, once you got the hang of it you won't unlearn it. A good spot for training are the white circles at the Sukhumi airport.
  5. Have you watched this tutorial? The two important things from this tutorial are: 1. The new "neutral position" of the cyclic when hovering 2. Only small adjustments to hover above one place One thing that might help is the Saturation Y slider for the pitch and roll input, you can find it in controls->axis->axis tune. But be aware that when you set it to 50%, you can move the stick all the way into one direction but in game it will translate to only half the input so you probably need to trim a lot. With the warthog stick i had it set to 80%.
  6. Are you going to offer the new cams on your amazon shop too?
  7. Thanks for your responses, i really appreciate this helpful community. The problem was inside the cockpit, i was stopping the engine the wrong way.
  8. This problem is still there. Makes the K4 a disposable aircraft.
  9. http://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=2851621&postcount=3
  10. Jettison the Smokewinders will activate / deactivate them.
  11. Just tried it, aileron at -20 still feels better. With the prop pitch set to automatic it keeps the rpm around 1950-2000 at 1.15 ATA. Oh, and i meant stick to the left, not to the right:blush:
  12. 0 Rudder -20 Aileron To me this feels a lot better because i don't have to push the stick to the right all the time when flying longer distances. (flying at 450 Km/h IAS) P.S. I don't understand why ED made the trim tab settings server side.
  13. nvm... If i restart DCS several times, it runs. :huh:
  14. I also use the static background, but i can't even zoom/move the map or even place anything (after 20 minutes of loading).
  15. Ok, small update. I had a lot of updater errors during the download of 2.0a and NTTR. DCS-Repair didn't help and i unistalled 2.0a / deleted all the open alpha folders. Now, after downloading and installing everything again......same result. No NTTR testing for me as it seems.
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