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  1. Great stuff, but i've seen the joke before. managed to lose it a while back though. Thanks for reminding me of many of them.
  2. Right. I went for the F-2 because it's much better than the regular F-16. (like stated before.) It's also alot more expensive, if i'm not mistaken...
  3. well, any way, looking forward to the movie, and the other skins and such.
  4. Thanks Kuky, that worked for some reason.
  5. AARG! Ok, sorry, i copied the text into notepad and saved it as a .xml. It worked. but when i went back to make the axies linear, i could not only pan horizontaly. not vertically and no zoom. any idea what's going on here? does anyone have a profile with linear axies that works with CAW and CAW Carrier ops?
  6. Nope, still screwing up. I don't know what you mean by all of that profile text. Is that what is screwing me up? if so, where do I put that?
  7. Ok..... Ok, i'll try deleating the file. Yes, i have confirmed that the profile i was using was the same one that I have been using in the orrigional lockon for a long time. (and it worked fine) Thanks any way.
  8. I just downloaded and finaly figured out the correct way to install the Crimean air wars patch. (which , after only 2-3 minuits of play, discovered i really liked.) however, when i go to use Track IR, I must push the 5 key on the # pad to center it, (not the F12 key!) what kore, it now I can only tilt my head up and down, not left and right and zoom is reversed. Any advise? i have already tried deleating the Track IR file in the config folder. Thanks
  9. Aww man! I didn't know thery were that close to making an F/A-18 plyable model! shoot. But now, you cant even put a hook on it as a mod! to bad. :(
  10. I have purtchused a Track IR 4. I have not attempted to use it yet because i remember that you have to delete a file in the lockon folder. i cannot find the post that mentioned that. could some one tell me which file to delete? (or post a link?) I would also like to know which axis in the programing menu is for zoom? or should i just leave every axis checked for use. Thanks
  11. Totally unrealistic , but never the less, amazing!
  12. I agree, Excelent shots, and very relaxing. Better than my first. :music_whistling:
  13. Looks like it is just an X-52 but repainted and a few different features. definitally not worth it if you already have an X-52.
  14. No I can take off easily w/ the cat. landing is the same. Maybe your trying with full fuel. can't do that. make it 60 or 70%. But other than the ski jump ramp, the CVN-70 works just like the Kuznetsov.
  15. Ya, but i just wan't the F/A-18 with a hook. it would be SOOOO much fun. awsome about the A2G though, that will be fun. I have made a backup copy on a second hard drive which i plan to screw arround with. Can you have more than one F-18 mod? or just one for the C model and another for the A model? Thanks, this will make lockon soo much more fun. Just tell me how to get the mods from Lockon files and how to instal them thru modman.
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