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  1. AFAIK all ATC frequencies are AM, so writing it on the map would be rather redundant
  2. If ED wants to continue rising the realism bar, they will have to do an overhaul of IFF sooner or later. The limited change that you're proposing would help a few Viper and Hornet pilots split neutrals from bandits but ultimately would only be a small first step. A friendly MiG would still respond to your MODE 4 interrogation despite not having a compatible transponder. You could still leave your transponder off and not worry about getting blue on blued. And AI planes and SAMs would still be all knowing, ROEs aside. A lot of work needs to go into properly implementing the various IFF networks,
  3. IMHO the Dora has one of the nicer looking cockpits in the game. The Anton on the other hand does look washed out. I'm pretty surprised no one mentioned it earlier.
  4. Western theatre is actually very well fleshed out by DCS standards. No other era in DCS is even close to having three full fidelity aircraft on each side with at least two more in the works. I'd say a new theatre would be a breath of fresh air right now. And since we're already getting a new map that makes no sense with the current plane set...
  5. It's time for anything from the Pacific theatre because right now the Marianas map (both the WW2 and modern variant) makes absolutely 0 sense from a history enthusiast's point of view.
  6. Yes. ED historically often released similar aircraft in relatively quick succession. The Hornet and Viper, Anton and Jug, the Korean jets, the Huey and Hip were all released pretty much one after another. This year we're supposed to get two helicopter gunships. Getting another WW2 twin/multicrew aircraft soon would not surprise me at all.
  7. On the flip side, if ED started with the less capable variants, they would be accused of forcing people to spend money to stay competitive. It's a no win scenario.
  8. Not really, I think one would be enough for me.
  9. Voted no. I have enough teen fighters already.
  10. I've noticed some people mix up metric and imperial vertical velocity units. If you aim for the "little 5" in the Huey, that gives you a safe 500ft/min or 2.5m/s descent rate. On the other hand if you aim at 5 in the Hip, you're going down twice as fast and not nearly as safely. I don't expect this is a particularly common mistake, but you never know.
  11. Heading hold works better if you have rudder trimming enabled. Trim the aircraft for cruise, feet off the pedals and you can have heading hold prevent drift over longer distances. That is pretty much the only time I use it though. I find it unreliable if turned on for the entire duration of the flight, mostly because of some of the control compromises the developers had to make. I don't really use alt hold.
  12. lmp

    MIG-17 Fresco

    MiG-17F would be the best dogfighter and perhaps the most historically relevant? If we could get two variants, the F and PF would cover most historical scenarios (and the PF's radar would differentiate it from the MiG-15bis a bit more). If we could have three... the Lim-6bis would add some air to ground options.
  13. Oh, absolutely, it is very much underrated as a fighter. Thing is, the P/PD variant could do pretty much only A-A. The recon/bomber variants on the other hand weren't good at it at all, and quite limited in their selection and weight of A-G ordnance.
  14. MiG-21F-13 - it's so pretty. Su-7, Phantom obviously, MiG-23 obviously. I'm on the fence when it comes to the MiG-25, all versions of it were very specialised, but at the same time effective in their little niches.
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