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  1. Has anyone still have issues with pressing buttons on iPad and nothing get submitted to DCS? Thats my problem here. :( DCS non Beta!
  2. Hi Guys, i got a Little issue here with aries. Sometimes i Play with some People don´t use aries. So i have to turn of my aries, but if i don´t have the plugin enabled, my TS Crashs to Desktop. :( Anyone have a Suggestion?
  3. Doesen`t work for me here... Set up the path but still not uploading.
  4. Absolutly... Just join our Server. You can find us most of the time on the STP TeamSpeak while flying. Servername: =STP= IP: Port: 9997 Passwort: stp Or just use this link: hitme
  5. Hatten das Problem bei einem andren Spieler. DCS im Fenstermodus betreiben, dann nach dem joinen das TS einmal neustarten und TARS war verbunden. Maybe ein Workaround, einfach mal versuchen.
  6. Hi all, here are some Videos from the past days... And some low Level stuff....
  7. Beim Server muss Export auf true sein, muss also nicht immer am Client liegen. @Ise: Installier doch endlich mal neu.. ;-)
  8. Negativ.... Server can connect to master but dont show up in gameserver list....
  9. Hello, we set up our Server with the open beta. But now we can only choose 1.2.7 OR 1.2.6. Is it possible to start two instances of DCS to run both Versions on one Server? regards Nocturne
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