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  1. Dear ED, Today I found big frame drop over Haifa docks, from 90 in this area frame goes down to 18. Just wanna to let you know so you can checked. I have latest Nvidia drivers from january 26.



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  3. Great work Eight! Cant wait for all of that... I would like that exterior model of Huey to be updated soon, cant take any longer that issue betwen tail and fuselage... kinda reflection seems so akward in that merged section...
  4. Hi guys. I need a little help. Ive modeled one aircraft for my own use, exterior model, and right now Im using one of community mod lua files as a reference. I make all animations etc, but I have a problem with aircraft to surface contact. Whatever I do, make collision with actual edm shape or separated collision shape, my aircraft fall trough ground. But if I keep collision shape from that community mod, my extirior model not making contact with ground, actualy gears or something from invinsible community mod making contact (is it that lua positioning numbers or collision from that specific c
  5. I think he thought on Heatblur new sim. But if they make a sim with quality like Tomcat, good luck all with that... There they will be need a 52xNASA rigs to run in 60fps. I would like they can taste it... later, this 30 fps will be sweet like a chocolate.:smilewink:
  6. My fps on clean deck with few MP aircrafts goes from 20-40 with some big stutters and drop difference. My fps before SC update was 80-100fps and all was smooth. In both cases my settings are all on maximum except SSAA and depth of field.
  7. Chill out buddy. How you can even say something like that... Im also with them from Flanker and LOMAC, and Im glad for that. All can be fixed and polished, just be patient. There is moments when Im mad also, but they are always with us and listening community and doing their best how much they can. If you remember, Stennis was also with low fps on start, but later on it was smooth without any problem. And Im hope so you realize you will pay all from start somebody for new project and dlcs and without knowing will they dissapear one day... ED is here for a long long time, and gues what, all tea
  8. I have i7 9700k with asus strix 2070S, 32GB RAM, Z390-E and SSD and since SC is out, my fps on clean deck with few MP aircrafts goes from 30-40 with some big stutters and drop difference. My fps before SC update was 80-100fps and all was smooth. In both cases my settings are all on maximum except SSAA. Im hopping SC will be more optimized in future, because I remember when Stennis come out, it was a same... low fps, but later was fine.
  9. Thanks! White parts on fuselage cant be done, becase one poly is on 2 places, and its mirrored, so it makes problems. Ive tryed everything, but, in the end I decided to leave it red. I considered to move all star forward, but I quit because all that connecting was pain in the a**. :) Pozdrav, i svako dobro!
  10. Federal Republic Yugoslavia, Acro team "Flying Stars" 1996-1999 Download link https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3308501/ and Socialist Federal Republic Yugoslavia, Acro team "Flying Stars" 1985-1991 Download link https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3308523/
  11. This flickering is so anoying. I have in Mig 21, Gazelle, P-51D... didnt tryed in other modules, but it's so anoying. I have Radeon, but friend who have Nvidia GPU have the same problem. :(
  12. Sun passing trough ejection seat and cockpit. [ATTACH]202299[/ATTACH]
  13. Thank you Storm, but is it updated to 2.5? Does it work, did you tryed? -Just tryed, not good. Only I see is cockpit inside. No model in external view, and no outside model from cockpit view. :/ Seems it was only for 1.5.
  14. As title says, where to find A-7E mod with A-10A cockpit? Ive searched all web and Wings of Russia forum but no luck. It was really nice mod. Please help me. Thank you in advance. :thumbup:
  15. Same here. All my other models including Mig21 have 60fps inside cockpit, but Hornet goes from 15-30. I hope so this issue will be fixed soon... :/
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