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  1. Same here, None of the links are working
  2. The problem seems to have fixed itself now...At least for me. What about you guys?
  3. Hello, I can't login to DCS world Module manager. IT says that my login or password is incorect yet I can log no problem in multiplayer or the website with the same input. Any help please?
  4. Also don't forget that real life military pilots have to read their manual before they go on a training flight. Actual flight time is costly so they make sure you read and know what you're going to do and what will be talk about in flight before the actual flight. So in real life, you would have read the manual, and you would have know what the instructor is talking about in during the training session.
  5. The Hind has been done before in the 90's but I agree that it would be a cool chopper to fly.
  6. Did I lost this in translation ?...:huh:
  7. Hey JEFX, I'm in Montreal too and it downloaded in about 45min - 1 hour...
  8. I think its written somewhere in the GUI manual how to change frequencies for different airports.
  9. That sim will have a big success since most of us are buying both version... And this is a great thing in my opinion.
  10. You just have to wait until the worldwide release of the game...
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