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  1. Throttle and Stick setup I have a Thrustmaster warthog stick with a 20mm extension. This should allow me to get a little extra accurate and finer movements while flying. My throttle is out of an A-10A and I modified it to the A-10C configuration. It looks a little (understatement) sloppy but eventually I will tidy it up. Thanks for checking it out! Maniac.
  2. Thanks, I need to get the connectors so I can wire everything up! Next time I put in an order I’ll order extra! Thanks! Ya everytime I upload a photo from my phone directly to the forums it end up inverted...
  3. Here is one of the PCBs I ordered to integrate a 4 pin connector to the steppers.
  4. Thanks! I’m working on integrating the PCBs I ordered to make the panel a lot cleaner looking.
  5. Overview Video My new video is up! I am going over what I have created over the past few years and what my near future plans are! Check it out and thank you!!
  6. Pics! Here is one pic of most of my stuff. Lots of randomness but soon it will be coming together! I haven’t had too many issues with DCS-BIOS but I will keep an eye out on similar issues.
  7. Well it begins again! after a few years away from DCS I am diving back in; head first in the shallow end as I usually do... I began this journey in 2013 with minimal experience in machining and electronics. This is as far as I got: Needless to say my wife and I had our first child and my Pit was put on the back burner for a few years. recently I have been playing around with 3D Printing and small electronics. I also got a better job with a little more disposable income (any pit builders dream). This time around I will be trying to go about 95% realism. All of the analog steam gau
  8. A really easy way to configure it is with Helios, you can map both on and off switch states
  9. 30mm party mix: why allow two ballistic profiles? The reason its that way is because thats the way it is in real life, it really is a very small difference
  10. I only have one BBI-32 and the BU0836X left, $75 shipped for both of them!
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