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  1. thanks bmon, i used the file "mods" of HMA and everything working now, i need just to adjust a little bit the positions of instrument but is not so difficoult (just change pixel values in monitor setup) thanks HMA
  2. Thanks, i think i will copy your files from folder "MODS" and then modifty my monitor setup by myself, i've different monitor resolution so i can't use also your monitorsetup file
  3. Hi HMA, thanks for your answers for sure i didn't modify AN_ALR69V_init.lua (RWR) DIGIT_CLK_init.lua (clock) repeater_init.lua (UHF) i think instruction on profile i download are old and speaks about a init.lua file (that i copy in my folder) but i guess now things work in a different way. i think that with information in the icemaker link i can solve my problem, tonight i try and let you know. really thanks!!
  4. Hello everybody! i'm working with Helios from a week, i started from downlodable profile Loz SM v2.1, i remove the 2 mfd (becouse i've the mfd cougar TM)and i export they with the .lua file. So at the moment in my second screen i've CMSC, ADI, HSI, VVI, Alimeter, fuel gauges and all engine-apu gauges working! (thanks GADROC!) my problem still RWR UHF Digital Clock i saw that in the example of Loz this items are wrote on .lua file and i check to alighn they but no way, i can't see any of this 3 devices. i also tried to modify the background image of the helios profile
  5. HawgTouch can help me with this matter?
  6. i exported mfcd's on second monitor correctly, now i'm looking for gauges and instrument export, i've read a lot of topic about this and finally i tried a "SET" of export (by Pete i think) but when i put the file on the folder my dcs world client didn't start and thanks to the repair tool now is working again. i think after last dcs world update this files don't work anymore, any solution about this?
  7. bella soluzione! ti volevo chiedere: come mai non hai sfruttato la parte inferiore per i gauges motore/apu ecc.. per un discorso di fps che vai a perdere o semplicemente perchè non è fattibile tecnicamente?
  8. i didn't find something on ebay..any suggestions?
  9. thanks for your answer, i'm already using something like a keyboard and my target is to have switches, i will check "switch panel" on ebay and let you know!
  10. Hi All i've read a lost of pages of this forum but seems i didn't find what i'm looking for: i've started to fly DCS just few weeks ago but i play with FSX from years, what i need for my "home cockpit" is a switch panel for planes with 1 to 4 motors, so with: master battery, fuel pumps (1 to 4), lights, generators etc..... actually i've some devis plus 2 old keyboards that i customized: i'm not skilled enough to buy one myself so i'm searching something finish or with just the switches with the front panel to customize. i know about saitek: but is specific for smal
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