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  1. adding the line of code below to the file "default.lua" gives you a command binding for a maintained 2-position ON/OFF switch. ON = Locked, OFF = Armed: {down = cpt_commands.EjectionSafetyLever, up = cpt_commands.EjectionSafetyLever, value_down = 1.0, value_up = 0.0, cockpit_device_id = devices.CPT_MECH, name = _('Ejection Safety Lever 2-Pos ARMED/LOCKED'), category = {_('Systems')}}, If you don't have such a switch or prefer to use a pair of pushbuttons, you need to add these 2 lines of code: {down = cpt_commands.EjectionSafetyLever, value_down = 1.0, cockpit_device_id = devices.CP
  2. When I read the starting post I wondered if something had changed so I decided to check. Now, I don't normally fly the P-51, I fly on the Hun side. So I needed to get a test flight on the pony just to re-learn how it behaves. Then I flew a mission against the Shrike that had pilot skill set to Ace. And yes, it was not the easiest fight because the Shrike has a powerful engine, but I shot it down without taking any hit myself. And I marvel at the accuracy of the Pony's gun sight. When I fly the Dora or the Kurfürst, I can never kill a bandit with so few rounds at that distance. Also the Pony ca
  3. I bound the button command "Wheelbrakes both" to a maintained ON/OFF switch on my TM WH throttle (EAC). This way I can let her warm up without having my feet pushing the pedals down for minutes (and getting a cramp). The only downside with that is that sometimes I forget to switch it off in a mission starting airborne, and - well you can see what happens after touchdown.
  4. Many of us use the macro "Start Procedure" which is available in the A-10C like in most other aircrafts. The code for this macro is in the file "Macro_sequencies.lua" in the folder "...\Mods\aircraft\A-10C_2\Cockpit\Scripts". That file (for both versions of the A-10C) also contains a macro that turns all internal lights ON (to about 90%). It does this for - flight instruments lights - engine instruments lights - auxiliary instruments lights - flood light - console light The macro has always been there, but ED has never added the line of code in "default.
  5. No curves for Pitch and Roll. I use the VIRPIL T50 base with a TM WH grip. For Rudder I use Deadband = 3 and Curvature = 10. I use the MFG Crosswind pedals.
  6. The trim wheels (on the left console) work fine with buttons or rotary encoders. I'm not using DCS-Bios. So I guess the problem is related to the DCS-Bios implementation.
  7. @scoobie: It's not the same on every module, there is no common design standard. When I tackle a new one, I have to use trial & error and I'm not always successful. You mentioned MiG-15 earlier, so I guess this example is related to the MiG-15. I don't have that module and therefore I don't have any of the files. I can therefore not do much to help you. From what I see, "Wing_span_adjustment_knob" is a pure axis and does not lend itself to Incremental commands.
  8. It's on my wishlist too, and I hate to be right in this matter. I have suggested this improvement in many posts, and it had the same effect as pinching a bull's horn: the bull doesn't even notice. So I do myself what it takes to make the sim work the way I want it.
  9. Let's try the first one step by step: 1. look up "devices.AUTOPILOT" in file "devices.lua" --> cockpit_device_id device_ID = 33 2. the button number in "clickabledata.lua" = 6 --> command code = 3000 + 6 = 3006 3. The value_up value for 2-position ON/OFF switches in the Ka-50 is mostly = -1.0 Looking at your first line, it seems that you got command and device mixed up. So let's try this: {down = 3006, up = 3006, value_down = 1.0, value_up = -1.0, cockpit_device_id = 33, name = _('Autopilot BARO/RALT altitude hold 2-Pos'), category = _('Ins Autopilot')}, T
  10. I find only find one "Jettison arm" in "clickabledata", and that is related to... devices.WEAP_INTERFACE which is device 12 (not 22) device_commands.Button_22 so the command number would be 3022 and not 3001 On this basis, I created the following line of code which seems to work: {down = 3022, up = 3022, value_down = 1.0, value_up = -1.0, cockpit_device_id = 12, name = _('Jettison Fuse 2-Pos ARM/DISARM'), category = _('Ins Weapons Status and Control Panel PUI-800')}, But since the codes you used are totally different I'm not sure that this is really what you want. Let me
  11. The file "clickabledata.lua" in the game folder " ...\Mods\aircraft\P-47D-30\Cockpit\Scripts" has these lines beginning with line 816: -- Aileron Trim Wheel elements["pnt_91"] = cabin_axis_limited(0, _('Aileron Trim'), devices.CONTROLS, device_commands.Button_1, 91, 0.0, 0.025, false, false, {-1.0, 1.0}) elements["pnt_91"].sound = {{SOUND_SW5}} -- Elevator Trim Wheel elements["pnt_92"] = cabin_axis_limited(0, _('Elevator Trim'), devices.CONTROLS, device_commands.Button_4, 92, 0.0, 0.025, false, false, {-1.0, 1.0}) ele
  12. I also found the 3 trim wheels are too "fast" when controlled from the POV hat. I helped myself by reducing the "gain" parameter in "clickabledat.lua" from 0.025 to 0.0125. Most people won't want to edit these files, but if anybody is interested I can share the detail.
  13. I sympathize with what you say. But we have the same situation for the original A-10C, and that has been there for years and years (I installed it in 2013!). I would therefore not expect ED to add the 3-position command to the A-10C II. So if you want to use the flaps command in a meaningful way, you will have to bite into the sour apple and edit the "default.lua". I have had to edit the LUA files on all aircrafts I own and play, and only in very few cases could I remove my additions because ED or the 3rd party developer added the bindings into the stock version..
  14. Please educate me! Where in the mission editor would that be? I do not see auto-rudder or takeoff assistance in the mission options or failure settings..
  15. You have obviously missed at least one weapon-related step. 1. you have to punch in the 3 circuiit brakers P80, P1 and P2 in the panel to your right with the label "Schußwaffen". I do this as part of the cold start process. 2. On the SZKK4 in the Instrument Panel, you have to flip up first the upper, then 3 sec later the lower Weapons Switch (the lower switch enables the outer wing guns). I do this after I've completed take-off. 3. Flip up the Gun Safety Latch on the stick. Do this before the action starts, because you might otherwise forget it when things heat up,
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