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  1. Interesting, but I would be much more interested in a cyclic stick. Using a joystick that always wants to go back to center is a pain. I could of course reduce spring forces on my VRP base, but that would not be good for flying fixed wing. I have a TM WH base and I took the big spring out. But then the problem is that it doeasn't stay in the desired position.
  2. @BigBen_JMIf you cannot understand the functionality of DCS World maybe you should read the manuals. Why should DCS World have functionality to assign a keyboard key to a button? You can bind buttons directly to commands; no need to emulate keyboard button presses. And DCS World is a sim, not an arcade game and it's not designed to let you implement macros that would give you an unfair advantage in combat. Having said that, DCS World does provide macros that automate the lengthy start-up sequence, and although I'm not an IT professional I have built on that to create macros that
  3. LeCuvier


    Hopefully ED will add those once they are done with the Hornet. For the interim, I added these 2 lines to "default.lua". I use the two bindings with the FLAPS 3-position switch on the TM WH throttle. {down = control_commands.ApPitchAlt_EXT, up = control_commands.ApPitchAlt_EXT, cockpit_device_id = devices.CONTROL_INTERFACE, value_down = 1.0, value_up = -1.0, name = _('Autopilot PITCH Switch ALT HOLD/OFF'), category = {_('Instrument Panel'), _('FLCS')}}, {down = control_commands.ApPitchAtt_EXT, up = control_commands.ApPitchAlt_EXT, cockpit_device_id = devices.CONTROL_INTERFACE, value_down
  4. What you describe looks a bit like your devices were "disconnected", maybe because your USB hub doesn't provide enough power. Were the columns for keyboard and TrackIR gone, or just empty? Did you try a "Rescan" when this happened? But if the issue only occurs with the A-10C II then that's obviously not the cause. I'm afraid you do not provide enough detail for anybody to pinpoint the cause of your issue.
  5. I re-activated my VRP joystick grip which has an analog paddle axis. I then used "Axis Tune to tick "Slider" and define a curve. See attachment. with the paddle in normal position, I have 50% zoom which is normal view. When I pull the paddle, the view zooms out. That's what you asked for. Let me know how this works for you.
  6. Thanks! Interesting info. The lines 56...89 are actually redundant. I couldn't believe this, so I commented the line for the Bf-109K out. I could still display the GNS430. I guess the redundant lines are there only to document the spelling of the aircraft names in case you want to disable one. Still, seems strange programming practice to me. I would have used a 2-column table with aircraft names and a Boolean.
  7. I tried this today. First time, the frame rates were ok but with the awful weather I could not see any target. Then I changed the weather in the mission. Before I got anywhere near Caen the frame rates dropped to around 10 and they did not recover. It was impossible to engage targets. So I give up on the mission. It's a pity because the author put a lot of effort into it.
  8. I cannot give a complete solution because I don't have that joystick and therefore cannot test. But my starting point would be to set "Saturation Y" to 50%. And then try if I need to invert, and possibly tick "Slider"
  9. I have to agree with NineLine on this. I'm not a very good dogfighter, and when I battle a AI-piloted P-51 or P-47 with the Dora, I'm on max. power with MW-50 ON much of the time, trying to cope with the miraculous performance of the AI FM. I do experience an engine breakdown once in a while but it's not often. And when it happened I was generally trying to climb with insufficient speed.
  10. I posted a tutorial on 1-AUG-20156. I used to remember the post # but unfortunately we lost that reference with the new forum technology. I see it on page 9 of this thread: https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/74195-how-to-set-up-toggle-switches-a-tutorial/page/9/#elControls_2914585_menu
  11. But it can be the same issue: the sim needs to "see" the throttle levers move from OFF to IDLE. And it does that more reliably if it has seen the move from IDLE to OFF at the beginning of the mission. I think the test would be that you see the throttle levers in the sim moving when you move the throttle levers on your game controller. If you don't see that movement, the sim "sees" the throttle levers in OFF. The engine will start to spin up with the bleed air from the APU, but it will stop after a short time.
  12. I have run this mission several times and the same happens every time: When a fair number of objects have been killed, the frame rate drops dramatically. It gets as low low as 5 and eventually the game freezes. Usually the behaviour gets erratic when the frame rate drops. Typically, the auto turn to target malfunctions, making the chopper turn away from the target, and stabilization gets erratic. I have not seen this behaviour on other missionswith the Black Shark or any other aircraft.
  13. If you need to split it into 2 separate commands try this pair of lines: {down = engines_commands.APU_ControlSw_TM_WARTHOG, cockpit_device_id = devices.ENGINES_INTERFACE, value_down = 1.0, name = _('APU Control Sw (special) - ON'), category = {_('Special For Joystick'), _('Left Console')}}, {down = engines_commands.APU_ControlSw_TM_WARTHOG, cockpit_device_id = devices.ENGINES_INTERFACE, value_down = 0.0, name = _('APU Control Sw (special) - OFF'), category = {_('Special For Joystick'), _('Left Console')}},
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